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June 15, 2008


Only you would put Heat and Bond on wallpaper:) I've found that glue grief varies with each individual paper. With collage I ALWAYS use Golden Gel Medium (regular matte). Not soft gel and not heavy gel, but medium gel works best. Even with my papers from the early 1900s it dries to perfection. I'm ready with a paper towel to wipe of any glue that gets on the front of the paper. It's also of great value to use a brayer to flatten the paper onto the substrate. Just make sure you wipe the brayer after every roll so you don't end up brayering stray glue onto the top of your paper. NEXT...I did an entire wall in my living room with many different papers. There is no staining on any of the papers and believe me it's impossible not to get at least some glue on the front of your paper pieces. I used Universal Wallpaper Paste made by Roman's and sold at Home Depot. It is really good stuff:) I guess I should do a blog post about this. Although, according to your post here, I already have. Don't remember:)

great idea with the heat bond stuff...adding it to my list. thanks!

Oh my goodness. This is giving me a heart attack! What a marvelous idea!

OMG I love those tags using the wallpaper. Way cute!!!!!

Great tips, I'm going to try it with the wallpaper. xo, suzy

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