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June 30, 2008


What a gorgeous little collection of inspiration!! Love it as well as the gorgeous background color! I have tried to send you a couple of emails re the "Once Upon a Tme" quilt but they keep bouncing back (your server doesnt like me!!) so will paste some of it here......
The patterns for "Once Upon a Time" have been released already but being a block of the month it does sometimes take a while for the shops to make a sample etc before they start advertising it etc etc. I know that treasured threads in the US have stocked the BOM already, I think they mention it on this blog entry Otherwise I can also give you details of an Aussie company that is kitting it up as a monthly BOM using the exacy fabrics I did but it may be costly with postage I think to the US.
After Quilt Market I hope that there will be more companies that will stock it in in the US so if you want to wait until after that feel free. Another idea is to bug your local patchwork store to stock it in ;-], I am sure if you managed that we would love you
Hope this helps and hope you are having an amazing week =]

Funnn funnn funnnn!!!

Loving it to bits!!

Happy Summer my friend!! We are still living outta cardboard boxes! I totally thought this move would land me in the looney bin! I do see a light at the end of the tunnel though. ;)

Hope you are doing great..enjoying the summer!!!!

Miss ya!
xoxo Jenny

I am in awe! Lovely lovely job, my friend! And is that the Bits n' Pieces collage I swaped with you on the wall? WOW! It's way cool to see it there. The gorgeous one your made for me is in a place of honor on my studio wall too!~~~XXOO, Beth

That is an adorable nook! What great inspiration.

I love it! I love the turquoise walls!

Hi Jen. What a lovely idea and your collections is fantastic! Hello from me as your cupcake swapper too

I'm drooling over that paint color! Maybe for my bedroom? I'm honored to have so many things hanging in your nook! I could have sworn you told me one of them was a gift for someone else:) Have a great weekend Jen!

I love your blog!
Denise Fontaine Nantasket Beach Mass

Jen---my friend Karen knows your friend Monica.....small world keeps getting smaller with 6 degrees of separation or something like that. Love the knook or nook or..........I'd better stop and go to bed. Have fun with your mom!

Super cool Jen , I'm pea green!

NOW... not KNOW. Yeesh. I fall short in the spelling department to. I mean, two. D'oi... TOO.

Oh Jen, oh Jen, oh Jen, OH JEN! I love your nook, just love it. I could sit in a chair smack dab in front of it and just look at your goodies all day. I'd have to have hand restraints though. Touch. Touch. Touch. Tiz I know who has fallen short!!!

I love your choice of aqua paint too. Yummiest aqua I've ever seen!

I'm thrilled to be represented in your inspiration nook!
It's just lovely...i'm way jealous.


Totally diggin' the inspirational nook! I just want to move into your studio!!

Love your cool space. The color is great and the banners are so way cooooool hanging above. So much fun stuff to look at!!

Very inspiring! I love the kitty kat klock. The nook is filled with some wonderful pieces. Just a brilliant idea. Susan

That is not crap sister----- that is awesome fodder for inspiration! :)

ENjoy your time with your Mom, I'm jealous as can be!!

I could stare at this nook for hours! Love it!

Jen I love it and a few photos in and I noticed the lights! I love them! Noticed the pillow:)

What a great area Jen. I love it all and especially that blue color. I wanna see more of the place. I know it's wonderful!

What a great creative space you have....I love the banner and the little pink wrought iron shelf in your "space" is darling...

What a darling little nook. Its decorated so cute. And the design wall idea is fab.

Ooh -- I love the pictures! And your banner is cool, too, by the way...

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