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June 19, 2008


How cool.. my daughter is 28. I bought some of her clothes from brights creek...since I am sentimental and saved some of them...I have dressed my granddaughter in some of her mommy's brights creek clothes...........( for fun pictures )..sure does bring back memories !!! P.S. I have my daughter's cabbage patch dolls too...

Thanks for the 80's pics. Brings back memories.

Brandon @

I went back to my old town and everyone still dresses like that now, they haven't moved on, thats hounslow London for you---Glad i got out in 1987 when i was 12.

Oh my gosh, those pictures are cracking me up~ Love all the cabbage patch dolls, you GD is going to have a blast. Love your finds, the rocking horse is great~

Too funny. The girls remind me of my 26 year old...she thought Punky Brewster was the best. Big hair coming from the Jersey girls??? Maybe they saw that ad and took it literally. Your babies are precious. Again, my 26 year old had a cabbage patch doll who actually became one of the family. I finally had another baby when she was 8. We just had to put an end to animating the stuffies. Susan

I thought I'd pass on to you what my husband did one year, just in case you ever get tired of those Cabbage Patch Kids. We were going to a Christmas party at his boss's house--these guys are all in the automotive repair business--and we had to bring a white elephant gift. I guess this was probably back in the late 80s. Hubby was rummaging around somewhere--in the garage I think--and somehow came up with a Cabbage Patch doll head--just the head. So he glued it securely onto a car hood ornament and that was our white elephant gift--a Cabbage Patch doll hood ornament for the car! I loved those white elephant parties--just seeing what Hubby came up with every year was HUGELY entertaining!

What a find!

Oh my goodness. I was born in 1976. I'm 32 years old. You just dated me so bad! I totally remember the side pony tails and the neon brights!
I also wanted a "Cabbie" so bad and when my mom bought me an off brand/knock off Cabbage Patch Kid--I about died!
~Sadie Lou

Yay, I love the '80s!! Ha ha, big hair, wacky shirts, and that poor little kid on the left - where are they now? The kiddos I used to babysit for had mega cabbage patch dolls, their Mom went through hell to find them - I think she had to line up all night and beat up other shoppers :)

OMG...I think I have an old boyfriend that dressed like the "gay" kid, only in PINK!!!! No joke! I will look for a photo and post it! Funny about the Cabbage Patch Kids, my girls have been getting them for gifts too.

Funny post Jen! I was trying to imagine my boys wearing those clothes....not a chance. I still see men wearing those shoes though.
The photos of the kids are precious!
My cats do the same thing....they seem to like to lay in my laundry basket, but only when the clothes are neat and clean. That's why God created lint rollers, right? Have a great weekend!

Those catalog covers .... amazing! The 80's hair, memories! Your kiddos are so cute and great goodies that you got. Love that rocking horse.

I think that second boy from the left was in Menudo at one point. lololol. Just kiddin!

Cute kiddos.

Cute babies!

I swear, looking back at the 80's stuff is just awful, and we thought we looked so good! I remember some baggy pants and, no, I can't go on with this, it's too frightening.

Those kids are adorable. Your grandkids I mean. And I laughed so hard at your comment about that little boy on the left in the magazine!!!!!!!! And uh yea I think there's a good chance that he is indeed gay today. ROFLOL!!!!!!!!

OOPS for got to tell you how much I loved those 80's catalogs. I graduated in '86 and I remember the "big hair" The taller the bangs were, the better. Your grandkids are too cute!

Thanks for putting your comments back! I've been wanting to say hi to you, and tell you how much I like all the little goodies you've been posting. I love that bedroom, and the awesome bedspread you got, and of course all your awesome furniture decorated with the wallpaper. You rock! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We're out for summer vacation and it's HOT here!

The 80s! Those were the days! That was my college hair up there, big, blonde, Texas style! My mom had a Cabbage Patch baby made to look like me. Speaking of the 80s, I heard a remake of Bryan Adams song, "Heaven"! Geez, am I old enough for there to be remakes of songs I loved already? It seems like just yesterday.

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