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June 16, 2008


What a super cool surprise to find in the mailbox! I know exactly what you mean about idea books--it's why I stay away from quilt magazines.
The tin is wonderful--glad you found inspiration to get back into it--and being inspired by your own work! What could be better than that?

I agree with you so much about the universe providing. And I love the tin. Also love Augusten Burroughs, but haven't picked up the most recent because of the negative reviews. I know you likely read David Sedaris. Every try Amy Notaro? She's a bit fluffier - but hilarious.

Yeah to you!! You are so amazingly talented! You have become my bit of inspiration on a daily basis. Thanks for the wonderful dose today!!!!

Fabulous, Jen! I must get that issue to see your work! Every day I gaze at the wonderful bits n' pieces collage you made me, and feel so happy to have a little bit of Jen in my studio!~~~XXOO, Beth

I love your blog. Absolutely love it!! But what I don't like is the fact that YOUR hardwood floors look so frickin' SHINY. My little cottage is all hardwood from the 40's. Still gorgeous after all these years.

Oh. I forgot what I was doing: If you haven't already gone to this site, do so. You will be able to download all kinds of elements and papers for free. I use the papers for card making.

How unbelievably cool to be surprised like that! It's a funny thing, when you put what you've done in the past behind you, and stop anticipating and voila....the universe comes right back at you. Just goes to never know what will happen tomorrow. Congrats on the publication. Susan

LOL Jen, welcome back to 'the fold'! You're great at everything you touch, keep the faith sistah!!

It's about time you came back to your senses and invited us back to comment. I can't tell you how many times I would try to leave one and..............NOTHING!!! So welcome back. I'd love to see what your going to be doing with your papercrafts.

Oh Jen! Whew...I knew you'd come back. and I think paper crafting for you is a great idea! You kick butt at it, and actually you kick butt at everything you do. I would like to mention too is that I love my plate, and I would love some other seasons from you, particularly autumn, or another winter...anything in the works?

Jen you are so multifaceted. I am constantly impressed by finding things out about you. I enjoy the many levels of your blog. Really. I was listening to Billy Joel today. A fav of mine and just now seeing you say your going to turn comments back I thought of a line from his song ". . . and she never gives in, She just changes her mind." What a great trait that is. I was thinking today as I listened to that song how wonderful it would be if I could be like that - someone that can change their mind when they see another side of things. I'm often too bull headed and I don't like that about myself. I'm going to try to be more like that . . . not give in, but gently change my mind. Its a great quality I think. Oh and I love the hint about the heat n bond for wallpaper! I can't wait to see more of your paper crafts.

Well, how cool is THAT to just stumble over your project in a magazine without even knowing it would be there?????

YEAH!!! Congratulations on your published work. I remember this piece ages ago and am so glad others are able to see how wonderful it is. Hope this inspires you create some more lovely paper crafting things...not that I don't love all the other amazing projects you are sharing...

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