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June 26, 2008


Thank you so much for understanding, Jen. I will definitely take you up on your offer one these days.

Fun facts Jen! 15 years eh, I'll have to start thinking about that one, I was just moaning about time in general :) karma...

#9 made me chuckle too, we never need help to get ourselves into trouble do we?

Thanks for telling us those things Jen. Its fun to know more about you. Life is certainly a journey.

Way to go, Jen!

Love this little insight into your world, Jen! xo

I love number 9 ....I think we can all relate. Have a great weekend Jen!

I love how you look at life - everything does happen for a reason indeed.

(So not the popular girl. I'm the puzzling one in the corner that looks normal but freaks everyone out when she opens her mouth).

Okie Dokie Miss Jen, I'll get right on that and only because YOU asked me too. :-) And I have to say I laughed out loud at your #9. Now that's funny!! But way to go on the smoking no more!!! That's wonderful! Who cares about the weight.

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