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May 29, 2008


You force me to comment waaaay down here, when I want to comment waaaay up there! Darn you for turning you comments off!

Anyhoo, enough of my tantrums. I love your black and white stairs. Just love it. Love all the pics and have only one question. When can I move in?

Your dining room came out FAB!!! Love the vintage wall paper!

Stumbled onto your blog today. I adore that dining set!

I had to come back and visit the dining room, I was in too big of a hurry earlier. I think that sadly is my new motto.

LOVE IT! and yes, you are very lucky you can get down on the ground and paint. You should celebrate by doing some sort of wild dance featuring feathers on the top of the table.

In non scuff slippers of course!

I LOVE it. Don't change a thing!

Hi Jen! How sweet is it that your Dad reads your blog...and comments? I think the new dining room looks beautiful and very inviting. Can I come over? I agree with the person who said maybe you have been looking at it too long.
Good luck on your garage sale. My boys and I did one and we donated the money to "The Smile Train". They had a ball!

Very nice! And that movie is on my must see list.

Hi Jen! I've been thinking about you so it was nice to hear from you!!! I love the dining set and so appreciate what kind of work goes into painting things like that! I had officially given that up with toddlers, but now the youngest is 4 and you've inspired me! LOL! I think I'll be painting my old brown crap this week! LOL! AND the vintage wall paper... absolutely divine! :) The gramma's curtains are sweet too :)

You are just so stinkin' amazing! I LOVE it! I am working on an armoire, and I am definitely inspired to finish the thing. Great vision Jen and great finish! What a treasure those curtains are.

The room looks great, don't second-guess yourself. Love the curtains from Grandma and the cute messages from your Dad :) If you feel like meddling with the sideboard, how about letting your inner stamper out and sponging some Ranger Distress Ink around the edges of the drawers? You'll get the instant lived in look without changing everything. The whole furniture suite and the wallpaper border look fab! Renovating rooms and mending fences, life is good.

Jen the room is lovely! What a fabulous job you did. I would never have thought to do that. It is really inspiring. Don't change a thing. Not contrived at all. Its peaceful, sweet and vintage looking. I'm sincerely jealous. I have an old bedroom set I'd love to do something similar with but it is so much work!!! Yikes. I looked at the trailer for the movie. It looks so good. You know tomorrow I'll be 51 and I feel inside me just the same as the girl I've always been. Pounds heavier, aged, slightly gray(well dyed over gray) and all, but I'm still me. I want to see that movie.


hey cutie!!
amazing room!!
so beautiful!!
i haven't stopped by in a while.
hope all is well.


Jen, it all looks beautiful!!!! You are one talented gal like dad said. Great job and how cool that you have those curtains. What a sweet dad you have by the way!!

Love how it all looks Jen,that wallpaper is wonderful. Nice work!

Mint to say love you but I am in a hurry.

I have no idea where all of your talent came from. Sure not from me.
Yes, those curtains hung in Grand Mother's
living room for some time.
After she was gone I had no idea what to do with them and then I remembered whit tricky stuff you can do.
It's nice to see them after 25 years. Brings back a lot of memories.
Loy you...Dad

Dying over your dining room set. Oh Jen... it's simply beautiful and I love your details on the chairs!

Watched the trailer from the Young at Heart movie. I got teary just watching it! Must see it now. We watched Dan In Real Life the other night... great movie you guys might like too. Lots of gems in the movie props as well. I keep saying over and over, "oh, I love that such and such".

I think it looks beautiful! If you aren't thrilled with the whole room it's maybe because you've been thinking/looking at it too much lately. You'll get more inspirations as time goes by and before you know it it will be the best dining room ever!

Your decorating is AMAZING!!! I totally love how you used the wallpaper and cool paint you applied the dining set. The wallpaper border is wonderful too. You are so creative. I would not change a thing!!! Good luck on your yard sale, and thanks for the movie tip. I had heard about this and it looks really terrific.

I quite like the wallpaper on the buffet. But then again, I did that sort of thing in my house too, so maybe I am not the best judge? LOL

I have been piling things up for a yard sale too. The garage is full, but it will not stop raining!

I LOVE what you did to the dining set!

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