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May 15, 2008


If your studio suddenly disappears one day... head north for about 7 hours - and there you shall find it. I'm gushing over the stinkin' adorable curtains. Just gushing.

Have a great day Jen - I'm off to google structure moving companies.

LOVE the valance. So worth it. The colors are amazing!

It's NOT frivolous! If they make you happy it's all worthwhile. :-)

Grandkids are a joy. Yours is a cutie!

This is the cutest post... you're little granddaughter & the curtains. I LOVE the curtains, so so adorable.
I remember one mom's day we were lucky enough to be in FL with my parents & my son (3 at the time) partook in the chocolate fountain with strawberries at the golf club's brunch. Your post made me smile!


Curtain are adorable! LOVe the color pink your walls are too ;) rosemary

First of all what cute pics of Mother's Day.

And the valance!! Love it. It will make you very happy to look at and you'll be glad you did it. Its fun getting everything just so and sproosed up. And worth it.

Jen, those valances look wonderful! 4 days for the years you will enjoy them is nothing. And now you have a reason to get the house fixed up faster, so you can have more time in the studio! It looks just darling. And what a smart young lady, heading straight for the mousse, my favorite. Have a great weekend! Love Stacy

~loved your granddaughter's pictures eating chocolate!

~cute valances! you'll always thank yourself for doing such a beautiful window treatment in there!

Everyday Cookies

Oh,and the baby is a doll, of course!

Oh! Those curtains! Heavenly!

We are so much alike. Don't DARE have fun until every last CHORE is cleared away. I'm trying to get over it and succeeding a little bit.

The baby is so adorable! I often cry when I don't get chocolate fast enough:)
Love, love, love the curtains. They add such personality to your space. Definitely worth the trouble if you ask me....

Love the curtains!

I love those adorable curtains!

I guess you used the sizzix (is that how you spell it?) to cut out the flowers?

Love all the great photos! Miss M is just a hoot-n-a-half with the chocolate mousse!!! Love the story and her sweet sweet face. I look forward to seeing your house photos, and that valance...totally worth every minute you put into making it...makes me smile too! Sounds like you had a really wonderful Mother's Day!!

That curtain is mag worthy! I love it, and is that a glimpse of the studio I see? Good for you. Without my camera I have been doing "house projects" too. I understand the feeling of accomplishment you must have, though, probably no one else notices that stuff except you. I do miss you blogging! btw...went to look at the camera, no such deal at the local target, not even close.

OMG JEN!!! That curtain if so freakin cute I can't tell you!!!! Oh wait I just did tell you. LOL!!!! I love that!! Did you use felt or wool???? ADORABLE!!!
Oh and I almost forgot about that little cutie eatin the mousse. She's sooo cute and how funny to see the can of formula sitting there along with her chocolate dessert. LOL!!!!!

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