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April 04, 2008


How goes the remodeling, Jen?? Looking forward to the "after" pics!

"Mud Guy" has a cute butt:O
Good luck with all of the construction. We had our kitchen and family room added on to and we spent three months living in our diningroom. Ugh! Just think how wonderful everything will look when it's all completed! Totally worth it:)

Looking so forward to seeing your new studio! How exciting!~~~XXOO, Beth

Hey Jen, goodluck with all the work around your house, not of fun at times but so worth it in the end. We are getting ready to have our bathroom remodeled, yuck:) Have a happy and productive spring.

Love watching your construction. Am envious of your remodel! Seeing your pics of the workers cracked me up, because when we recently got our new roof put on, I was taking pics like you too. Right down to the big truck delivering our sheeting lumber. I somehow want to show my roofing guys your pics and say... see, I'm not the only camera snap-happy cocoa puff!

I ditto, ditto, ditto your thoughts about going on a blogging break. I feel like that too. Monica who? Happy what? You'll never be off my radar Jen... and I can't wait to see more pics. Have a fantastic break and hurry back. And PS... I can't wait to see your "ironing station"!!!

Good luck with the construction Jen, it's not the easiest time to get through but just think how fab the end results will be! Yes, we'll still be here when you get back to blogging :)

Bless your heart!!!!! I have been where you are---- and I'll send good juju!

I'll be here waiting until you get back full of great photos and I'm sure some wonderful stories!

Oh boy that looks familiar....right down to the hole in the plaster and the wood behind it :) Of course, that's what happens when you live in an 90 year old house.... Can't wait to see all the after photos....

Good luck. I went through this last year. Good luck. It will be great when its done.

Wow, there's a lot going on over your way and we can't way to see the after photos. Redo's are a pain, but well worth all you go throw. We will all be waiting for you
right here!

Jen, Hang it's all worth it in the end. We had a huge addition to our home 10 years ago...but I remember it like it was yesterday! And now I have a HUGE kitchen, dinning room and pantry because of my patience! :) NOW our project is a complete new front door, entry way and storage room. This house is already too big for the two of us and we keep building! But I love new construction!
Everday Cookies

How fun, keep doing the progress pics. I have plaster walls too - they are a pain when they need to be fixed but so pretty!

Hey Jen!! Looks like lots and lots goin on. I think you will be in 7th heaven when they are done. I look forward to seeing your project and the gorgeous home when you are done!!! I know it must be a challenge to live like this for a bit, but I am sure the end result will be amazing. Good luck!

Jen, I will miss your posts while you are gone, but I will now as soon as you are back because of reader. It looks like you have your hands full and it certainly is understandable that something has to give. We just can't do it all!

Jen, Your house could be on my street...Almost every house here is remodeling, restructuring or adding an addition. I told my husband today that I am jealous and want a dumpster in my driveway too! Hang in will be worth the work. Susan

Jen, you go and get a lot of work done, Google Reader will let me know when you return. xo, suzy

I'll miss you, just let me know when you're coming back and I'll spread the word. Until then, good luck!

Wooo, I understand your needing to take some time. It stresses me out like crazy to have everything in disarray even though I know it's for a good cause! Lots of work ahead, but think how nice it will be!

I won't desert you, I promise!

We'll miss you Jen!!!! Can't wait to see the finished photos. And I'll check back often to see if you've rejoined us. Hugs and good luck!!!!

...not like it is a child or anything, but you know anything funky coming to mind, or "the studio?" At my house it would never get a name, I cannot make up my mind about anything.

I'll still be here when you get back Jen, no worries, I cannot wait to see the studio. What are you going to name it?

I've been through this myself. The only difference was we didn't hire someone, we did all the work ourselves. Our way, of course, takes alot longer. I feel your pain.
Hang in there, you're gonna love it when it's done.

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