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April 01, 2008


Hi Jen,
I'm glad you're back! Thanks for the pictures and catching up. It looks like you are going to have a sweet little studio soon.

Congratulations on the new church. And the next post with the vodka and chocolate really hit home. Thanks for the laugh. Come for a visit.

Way to much time between posts for me too. But seriously, I'd rather spend the time to read yours then write mine. Always eye-candy, smiles and chuckles await me here!!!

Lovely photos! So cute of your daughter's family at church, what a nice thing to do. I haven't seen the Tudors but I want to watch it so much. I'll have to work on that. The fabric and outfit delightful. But the little chest of drawers!!! OH MY GOSH. It is so cute. Love it.

Ooh, tempting fabric - can't wait to see what you do with it :) Congratulations on joining the church, blessings to all of you! LOL about outfits with future SB pages in mind, I SO get that :) I haven't seen those Tudors but I think I NEED to - must check Netflix for the first season!

What a great update! You're right remodeling is the pits. I hope they hurry up for you, but in the course of doing so they do it right. The outfit for Madison is sooooo cute and the fabrics mouth watering!

Missed you!! And that little dress is OMG adorable!!!!

Jen, I love the little sneak peeks at your new studio! Beautiful! And blessings to you and your family on getting involved in your church! I would not survive without ours.

Glad you're back, missed you! Love the pictures.

Oh Jen, glad you are back! We attend a church like the one you stated and we love the dedication vs baptism concept. I cannot wait to see this studio. Tell the guys to get a move on, your blog friends want to see results! I am working on my space as well, thought I better before the snow melts and I want out...I will post pics sometime.

Great Easter photos, and I LOVE your cabinet you covered with the fabric. Now I have to try doing that! Love the happy colors in your photos!

Jennifer, I had been wondering what you were up to. Ok...I just have to say...You buy her dresses to MATCH your SCRAPBOOK PAGES? That is one of the funniest things. Do scrap bookers do that lol? It never would have crossed my mind. But it kind of makes sense in a crafty fabricky colory sort of way. In fact I told my therapist today that his outfit was very inviting and springy and you could do a lot with those colors. It just came out. He really didn't know what to say. I hope he didnt think I was hitting on him...I just notice fabric and colors since I started blogging (I blame it on all you ladies and your fabric addiction!). Ok, now the matching outfit doesn't seem weird at all, I just needed to work it through. Can't wait to see your secret project. You need to start withholding payment on those tiling toilet guys. That will get them moving. Or threaten to go to their competition.
Have a great week. Love Stacy

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