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April 20, 2008


LOVE your shower floor!

wow...this is awesome! i love the glass tile wall! great job!!!

Loving the progress and am SO STINKIN' envious of your studio!

I just read a post you made via my bloglines... but I can't find it on your blog. I'm just leaking with tears reading it... about you and your sis. My little brother is 11 years younger then me too... and I share that same kind of mommy-sister love!

Sorry to post here but my sill email wont send messages. Oh no! Im so sorry , did they forget to put her in there? LOL Oh my, was the envelope open at all when you got it? Im so sorry i will try to figure this out , I will contact the last home. Sorry jen!! What a weird thing to happen!!

Hey girl! Im having an email dillemma but soooooo, happy to hear youve recieves my little girl in the mail!LOL. Thanks so much for participating!!!! I can read email but for some reason I cant respond so try this one

Love the shower where did you find the tile for bottom of shower? what company makes that ?
Your studio looks to be coming along quite nicely and I'm sure you're anxious to get in and make it yours.
Your dining set is a beauty as well I love old things.

This is so exciting. Can't wait to see the end result. Love the glass wall in the bathroom. I may steal that idea :). Susan

Fabulous! Won't be long now till you are making us all drool with pictures of your beautiful new studio! xo, suzy

Jen-Love the progress! I would have bought the tiles also. I love the shower floor too! Also, how in the world do you have time for a *special project* when you tile your own are just plain amazing that's all!

Thanks for the update, Jen! You lucky, lucky girl, with that studio! I know, I've got a sort-of outback studio, but it's small, so I use it for displaying my stuff, where I can pretend I have my own shop...but it's NOTHING like your delicious space. Ah, envy is not a pretty emotion...

It is really coming along. It is so beautiful. I hate workers in my house but its nice when it is done.

Wow everything looks so wonderful. I love the bathroom. Very cool, the blue tiles really do make it don't they? And love the floor in the shower. The studio... wow, I can't believe how far they've come. I'm so envious. Glad you're doing well!

Woo hoo!! It looks FAB!

Jen, that is my dream studio you are building out there! We have been discussing one like it for me when we finally move from the rental house. Love it!

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