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March 10, 2008


Happy Birthday!
A few months ago for my 40th birthday my husband and I got tattoos. Mine is Hello Kitty!! I am glad I did it, because I wanted one for a long time! I have no desire for any more, it hurt to much!
Love your Blog...

First, a belated happy birthday! Your 50's are guaranteed to blow your mind! :)

Second, well timed for the ink post! I am getting ready to turn 53 in a few weeks and both of my girls are coming in for a few days. I had been considering group ink. I am now wondering if this isn't just the whisper of life saying .......... "See, I told you so!"

thanks------ have the very best year EVER!!!

Happy Birthday Jen! Getting a tattoo is the bravest thing I've ever done (besides having kids, lol" What a great story for your beautiful girls to tell their kids someday.

Happy Birthday! Look at all you ladies with your new ink. You better be careful, they can be addicting. What a beautiful family you have, no wonder your quilts are so lovely. It is a blast following your adventures!

Hapde Burfday to you!

wow!! you go girl, i mean girls!
how cool, what a great bonding experience.
happy birthday!
you are my new hero, im affraid to get a tatoo. pain!

Belated birthday wishes!! Glad you found a fun way to celebrate the big 5-0. I am dreading it, but Mark thinks we should have a big party. That is SO NOT going to happen. I am sure I will think of something to celebrate (but it will probably involve shopping) ;0).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My Friend! You make 50 look like the new 30! But...OWWWW!!!!!!! Jen, you are so brave! Is getting tats a West Coast thing? I don't know of any of my friends who could summon up the courage to do that. I guess we're just too uptight here on the East Coast :) Or too chicken.~~~I'm so glad you ahd a lovely day!~~~XXOO, Beth

Happy Birthday! I turned 48 last tats for me thank ya very much. :)


Love the ink!

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady who I think doesn't look like she needs to lose 20 lbs at all. You look amazing at any age!

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