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March 19, 2008



BOUGHT. Bought. Purchased.

Do you remember on I Love Lucy, where she'd hide newly bough hats, clothes, etc... to make it look like to Ricky that she'd had it, "this ol'e thing". Thats how I feel about Doe and her temptations - No honey, I didn't go to Doe's blog today - and no... that Anna Lena bag and Fat Quarter Shop box are old.

Your blue plate story was a KICK! You crack me up!

Your blue plate story's hilarious! I would've done EXACTLY the same thing. And that's about the prettiest Easter basket of goodies I've ever seen. Make something purrtty!

Found your blog thru ...(can't remember) but saw the day you and your girls got tatoos for your 50th. I have 5 daughters and they would LOVE it if we got tatoos for my 50th with is next month. I don't think I'm that brave though and what to get!!!!!! Happy Bday and you look great by the way.

Love the fabrics! Cannot wait to see what you come up with! I am still laughing about the cupcake story...really!

You're welcome, Jen. Anyhoo, freakin' funny story! You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh. You're killing me with all the cute fabrics. I did ask you to make me drool. Here I am drooling buckets! I really want to cheat on my diet ASAP! LOL!

Love that new fabric.

And I think this is funny (because we seem to own a lot of the same things!) but my grandpa recently gave me that same basket. :-)

That fabric sheet idea is SO fabulous!

The cheesecake caper sounds like something I would do. No impulse control here.

Super cute embroidery, good use of those pages. Love the fat quarters, I have a pile of a few of them from market but need to order some more. Elizabeth has a pile of cut strips for me to make a sample for her, using a ton plus some of the Mary Engelbreit green and some yellow dot. I could just croak its so cute.

And the dessert story. Hilarious.

Hi Jen, Just getting caught up. Funny story, sound like something I would do. Sometimes, we just clearly don't think things through. With me, more often than not. I love your new fabrics and the quilt is really cute. What a great idea on the stitchery! Thanks for the tip.

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