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March 18, 2008


The kiddos look so adorable!! Where's the photo of the cupcakes? Jen, I love the way you just lay it out there - I'm no baker either, you and I can sit in the not-bakers corner together. I bet that cupcake stand was totally and utterly GORGEOUS when you set out from the house :)

You are soooo hard on yourself Jen, though I have been there, with most projects! That's what grace is all about! Brush it off and start with something new! I am sure the bidding went high after all!

Mmmm? What? Did someone say something about cupcakes? I was too busy looking at those cuties.

Oh, Jen, that's a painful story. Ya know, the grocery store sells some nice cupcakes..... :) Those are two absolutely beautiful grandbabies!!

OH it is SO HARD being me sometimes I can't even tell you....
..... LOL lol...

I'm still laughing...cuz I feel that way always........

The picture is precious boxes or no boxes! All I see is gorgeous children!


I'm so sorry about the cupcake nightmare. My heart breaks for you. It's SO much work for something crappy like that to happen. All in all, everything that matters is in that adorable picture above, so smile and know that you can handle anything as long as you've got them. You're ONE TALENTED quiltmaking mama though, definitely one of my quilting heroes. BIG HUG!

Seriously, Jen, must we be brilliant at everything? If we all baked like Martha Stewart, the bakeries would go out of business! My dad owned a bakery as did my grandfather. Thats right 2 bakeries in the family, and the only cake I can get right is the Angel food from the box...that my mother in law taught me to make. You are smart, creative, and an amazing quilter. You also take some terrific pictures (the kids are adorable). I give you five stars for trying so hard. Susan

OOOps. Forgot to mention how cute the kiddos look...GREAT PHOTO!!!

Too funny...but I can just imaging how frustrating it would be to go to so much trouble only to have everything fall out of place in an instant. Grrrr. You just have to figure how to make edible glue for them next year!!

P.S. Never mind. I can't take any more. I have just had to change my pants.

Dang! All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU CHECKED IN WITH US! Sheesh, we were worried sick. You don't call, you don't write . . .

Oh my, what an ordeal. You made me laugh though...sorry. ;-)

Oh Jen, you crack me up. I love the bit with the IKEA boxes, that's so ME.

Jen, I can't stop chuckling at your misery. That must have been soooo frustrating. It would have put me over the edge. How is that tattoo healing? Lots of vitamin E is the key. Keep yer head up. Baking is a toughy, you have to be so exact; I like being able to tweak things when I cook. I bet they tasted good though! Love Stacy

Ugh, I can relate. One year my friend and I were in charge of the school carnival food. I won't go into details but it just seems like no good deed goes unpunished sometimes. Truly your experience was painful. I say write a check and be done with it.

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