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March 21, 2008


I love the soft toys with numbers Jen...
I'd get them for myself!!!!!


LOL! About the Rite-Aid stuff. Oh, I know what ya mean. I look in the mirror & think "who is that?" I had to go shopping for an engagement party a few weeks ago & honestly, taking care of kids I have no time for taking care of me...needless to say it was not fun in the dressing room. Metabolism changes, hormone changes, vision & hearing problems, losing so much of my hair & it not coming back...I guess this is the getting old part now. I'm not yet 50! :(

They sell Vodka at the Rite Aid! That sure would make life more convenient. :-> xo, suzy

I love those stackers! I think you've got it right with the cocktail and the chocolate.

I love how the "booze" and tile coordinate. I know you planned that. lol. Your choices make about as much sense as my choice of quarter pounder, fries, and DIET coke. We all do it! lol.

Happy Easter. I'm sure the grandkids will be excited. Our morning was a little better than last year. Holidays are a difficult concept around here.

Take care. M

I love your color wheel. Was it hard to do?

I love your color wheel. Was it hard to do?

HOWLING!!!!!!! But you are such a dork----- everybody knows you have to eat those chocolately coconutty eggs in PAIRS!!!!

ROFLMAO - Go Grandma!! I support the Easter-Egg-and-Vodka diet wholeheartedly, it can be improved only by the addition of Hot Cross Buns :)

Eh, I say screw the book. Actually, I say screw all this focus in the world on how thin or not thin we are all. It would be so much nicer to just be satisfied with what we are right now, wouldn't it?

And you my dear, are gorgeous and talented and full of love and spirit and so many other things that are bigger than your pants size.

Oh Jen, that is one of the best posts I've read in awhile. Funny thing, last night I cut out some square ones, I will let you know how they turn out. But I can hardly wait to see the fruit of the sewing class...and the vodka...hey whatever it takes to get out of the frump.

Jen, I was eating a Cadbury Egg when I read your post lol. That "rest of the story" is hilarious. I can just see it. You get yourself into the funniest situations like me.
Every time I tell hubby I want to go shopping, he tenses up and tries to give me this pep talk about not taking it personal if the stores have bad clothes that make me look like a tree stump(apparently that has been an issue in the past). It is cute...but not those dang stores. Who can wear that stuff anyway. Hey, reading the magazine is better than not, which means owning it is better than not also lol, so your good. Love Stacy

The round blocks are suh-weet! I know what you mean about prototypes that don't get done again. Everything I think is going to be so simple turns out not to be. Part of my problem is that I can't ever leave well enough alone. If it's simple, I will tweak it and mess with it till it's complicated. Pfffffttt!

You are KILLING ME. I was thinking today what a fatty old woman I was. I went looking for something new. I wasn't even feeling particular about what it is. Lets just say, cropped pants, which were all that was available... just aren't the look I'm going for. Talk about little fatty old lady, I look like a rectangle with bird ankles and clown feet. Circus material.

First of all I love those little blocks, they are adorable. Second..........when you find your body I'm sure you'll find mine too. Cause it has left me also. And I'm afraid it's not coming back. LOL!! And your Rite Aid purchases. ROFLOL!!! I'm thinking after you drink your beverage of choice you won't care about your body.

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