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February 20, 2008


She is just precious!

Followed you here from Doe's... so much to say, so much to see here! Love the fabs (I got some of those too... what a deal!), love Freddy... love your blog!

Love the flannels! Love the kids! Love the Freddy Dot Com quilt top! I can't wait to see the finishing touches.

Cutie pie grandbabies!

Love the owl fabric. Too bad I'm miles and miles from a JoAnns.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt top. Was it hard?

Love the picture on the porch!! What a cutie pie baby!!! For as much as I hate the service as JoAnn's (a whole blog post onto itself)they really do have some of the cutest flannels for such good prices.....Lovin' the dot quilt!!!

all kinds of eye candy here. your quilt is shaping up to be gorgeous. lovin' those blue eyes and that owl fabric is just so sweet. those pjs will be so super cute.

That picture of you with your grandbabies is the sweetest picture! Love the Freddy dot com quilt!

I am loving that quilt top! Can't wait to see it finished. Sitting on the steps in the sunshine....will spring ever come to this side of the universe? Susan

Freddy dot com quilt just rocks, as does your sunshine, shoveled sidewalk, the baby. Love the owl fabric too!

Your work is all so vibrant - makes me wish you lived closer so I could bask in some of that sunshine!

love all the fabrics so cute!
that pic of you and the grandkids is so sweet.
you must be so happy and proud.

beautiful baby!
Love the quilt!!!!

ooh, wonderful bright colors in those flannels - those will be marvelous for a blankie. cute owls and baby too!

your quilt top is fun and bright too - good to see you're still working on it.

Hey where did my post go?? LOL

What a cutie that little itsy bitsy baby girl is. Awwww, and I love that photo of all of you getting some sun time.

Cute cute CUTE!!!

Love the grandkids, love the quilt!!! Nice work!!

Great fabrics and adorable little ones! Love all the quilts that you've made!

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