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February 28, 2008


Jen, Interesting things. That helicopter parents thing? I didn't know that it had a name, but commented to a friend recently about the fact that kids don't know what to do with themselves when they have a free minute. they are so used to a mommy-made schedule, that they don't know how to go out and play, or call a friend on their own...its scary.I am loving the quilts, and actually learning a bit from you.Congrats on the non-smoking. I am looking forward to seeing the end result of your new studio. Susan

...I just found your blog and i'm sooooo very happy and lucky too!!
It's a great read:)

I've read the helicopter parents article too, and i eerily found way too many common behaviours with my parents:((...piano lessons, ballet, 3 languages, guitar, prop schools and ohh so many others that had to start n stop while they changed their minds....I've been running like a headless chicken for so many years under their whims
I'm finally doing something that -I- enjoy after all though:DDD

Thank you for the wonderful read, I'll be back !!

Take care,

Hidden Eloise

The team at Hooked on Phonics came across your blog and wanted to say how thrilled we are to hear that your grandson is enjoying our Learn to Read program.

We wish you continued success and look forward to hearning more reading success stories!

Hooked on Phonics

Congrats on the two year...great accomplishment! Also, many of your thoughts are so valid thank you! I am also VERY concerned about our society's future, and I am plummeting to 40 soon!

I'm worried that our grown children aren't worried enough about the future. We are in a hell of a mess I think, and it sure doesn't look good. Love your Freddie Moran quilt. What a neat thing to do, making your own border. I am sure you will be jumping with joy when your new studio if finished. Will be looking forward to pictures of that.

As you know, I love the Freddie Dot Com quilt. The label is great!! Don't worry about the will get better! Thanks for sharing th 7 things. Your cat is absolutely adorable. Isn't it amazing they always need to know what we are doing?

I read the article on Helicopter's a different world than it was when we were growing up. We as kids could walk anywhere alone & not be bothered - now every parent has to drive their kids everywhere because of the nut cases out there! I find I have to be "the playmate/friend" to my kid 'cuz we don't have kids or families in our neighborhood...and, even if we did I would be fearful of who lived in the home & do they have weapons? It stinks that we have had to become so overprotective...we know so much more of what could possibly happen. It's crazy too that we never worried about the food we ate - now we hear about tainted carrots/spinach/meat in the cafeteria!

I followed a link on Red Geranium's blog to yours. I enjoyed the reading and the pictures.

Meant "Being a parent" - obviously I have not done Hooked on Phonics.

Good for you for joining a church. My Dad's a minister and one of my favorite things about his church is how warmly the congregation receives each other.

The helicopter syndrome is scary. But you know what else is? Being a part in this day in age. You're afraid to let your 5 year old go potty alone for fear he'll be cornholed in there while you wait outside.

I think all that anxiety creates parents who are staying mighty busy so they don't have to think about how scary it all can be.

Congratulations on quitting and finishing your quilt! Amazing quilt and the label is just lovely!

Congrats on the HUGE 2 year anniversary. Wow!

And I'll have to keep that Phonics in mind. We are doing quite well but I'm sure we'll have gliches.

Pretty quilt too. I'm sure you'll be humming away soon just like with anything else you create.


Love your colorful quilt. Good job!! I love your label on the back. I never label and I know that's bad. When I go back and see a quilt I have no idea when I made it or what pattern it is.
Congrats on the smoking or should I say the ban on smoking. I'm proud of you. My sister quilt this past year and I was sooo happy.

Love your banner~ Can't wait to see the finsihed studio.

Congrats on your #6! I've been trying for years to be a member of that club. Knowing what a major accomplishment that is, I not only applaud you - a standing ovation from me as well!

And I love the label on that great quilt!

Oh, I usually don't post twice (really never) but I was going to tell you that I've machine quilted maybe 500+ quilts on my bernina regular machine and I'm still trying to get professional. I make 2 steps forward and 3 back sometimes. I have got stippling down and of course, stitch in the ditch, but I want to do more than that. I do straight lines ok, too. But I want to do circles and patterns, too.

What great thought you put into this. It was fabulous reading about you. Everything from the new studio, to joining the church, to quiting cigarettes. I applaud you. My children are between 13-25 and I never ever thought when I was popping out babies one after another that being a mom would be so difficult once they had lives of their own. I worry lots, too.

Thanks for sharing.

Love the great quilt!!! Super collection of fabrics!! Your machine sounds amazing...I know you will be burnin it up in no time and using all the bells and whistles!! Can't wait to see updates on the new studio too. Sounds fantastic...I would be so so so excited!!! Congrats on your 2 year anniversary too!!!

That's one cute cat!!! It's also one colourful quilt.... it reminds me of sweets we get in the UK called Smarties

You made that quilt SO FAST!!!! WOW! Looks great and I love the tag. Mia is TOO CUTE! She looks kind of like our Alicia! We just love our kitty cat so much!

That studio is going to be so fabulous! Lawns are only good for sucking up water anyhow.

I love your quilt. And I don't know anything about hooked on phonics but I do know that my 1st grade teacher taught us to read with phonics and it gave us a good foundation.

This is my favorite tag! I love it! Congrats on the quitting! I know that's hard... and I'm so gonna try hooked on phonics now that you said that. My daughter reads, but she skips words, so it throws her test scores off because they get dinged for that... and then in turn I get stressed out... never good. So a seal from approval from you and I'm sold! I'm so jealous of the studio... but I already told you that! LOL!

Nice list!! xo

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