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February 18, 2008


OMG, I just saw your blog. I recently retired my Kenmore Ultra-Stitch 12, 1970's model and came into the new century! I don't have a Bernina YET but a Janome. I was also surprised how quietly the bobbin wound, had to chuckle at that!

Jen, Did you say you're a grandma? I would never have guessed. I'm jealous. Wish my mother would have sewn beautiful dresses for me and now for my 2 gayles. I love the picture of Erica. She looks to be about my age- now. I am about 3. Just very very advanced, my mother isn't around and so I spend my days entertaining myself online.


Thanks for stopping by Lola & Dahl. You're very special. I thought that before from reading your blog here and there and now seeing that you are such a wonderful touches me and I am certain my intuition was correct. With love, a much older than 3, Linda

There's nothing quite like a dependable sewing machine - it's the first Christmas gift my husband gave me when we were just a courtin'. You make real treasures with your machine, I'm certain you and Bernie will be producing masterpieces together in no time, and I'm thrilled to hear that your old Kenmore will be teaching a new generation to sew - you go girl!

P.S. Is that a magnet on your quilt on the new machine? If it is, KNOCK IT OFF! :) Seriously, no magnets around the new computerized machines. I hated giving up my little magnet seam guide, sigh.

So much to see in this post! The sweet girl sewing, the curtains, and the new machine!! Congratulations!!!! You sure deserve a new fancy machine and I know you will enjoy it! The embroidery thing is so much fun, that alone will keep you busy for a long, long time! You'll need to use your old machine to sew while the new one is embroidering--you'll never want to stop. Yippee for you!!!!!! Woot woot woot!!!

congratulations on your new machine -- i too sewed on a old New Home machine that i bought myself with my own money from my first job eons ago-- oh i thought that machine was wonderful - it had a free arm (very cutting edge at the time) and ALL those stiches -- i sewed everything on that machine from clothes to curtains to quilts and then one day i got a new machine - a Janome and WOW -- it was sooooo quiet and sewed like a dream - and then that begat a Juki which sews like the wind - my family refers to it as the sweat shop machine --oh i love both my Janome 6500 and my Juki TL 98Q but i'll never get rid of my old New Home - its a trusted friend i'll have forever --

as i have waxed nostalgic about sewing machines, i realize that men use the same tone when they talk about cars they have owned - oh now i get it! LOL!!

Jen, I learned to sew on my mom's old Kenmore and I loved it. Then my first sewing machine was from Montgomery Ward, and it lasted me for 25 years and only died because I never oiled it. Oops. Sometimes the machines that just go forward and backward are a breath of fresh air. (But your new machine looks like a real rock star!) Enjoy!

Jen, That was a lovely trip down memory lane. I also made many little dresses with pinafores (my favorite), and I'll bet the costumes that you produced for your little ones could fill a book. Quilts were not my thing, but I am inching closer to the possibility. Your blog is an inspiration, and I wish you the best with your new machine. Can't wait to see what comes from that. Susan

WOW! You are quite the talent! I just love all the quilts and doll clothing, and the curtains... With what little sewing I know, my 10yr old daughter and I sew creations for her American girl doll. She enjoys it very much. That reminds me, she got a couple of pattern books for her birthday that we haven't sat down with yet. ;) I also have material to sew a couple of curtains for the house.... just need to do it! Thank you for the inspiration!

Hey I was 17 in 1975, too!

Old machines that serve us well are like old friends. Not that I don't want to make new friends (I'd love a new machine). But they become a part of you. Mine is noisy,too. Its an older Bernina but I still cherish it. Maybe someday I'll get a new one?

Oh Jen!!!! Fabulous for you!!!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with using this beauty! Hugs... Also, thanks for sharing your sewing history.

Congrats on Bernie!!! It's wonderful and I know your loving it. But go in and say hi to the old one every now and then ok? LOL!! Your little girls in there dresses are adorable!!! So are the curtains you've made.

Mom...nice story. Decided to comment today, I always read this yet rarely comment. Love the pics...don't have the ones of us! Oh our dolls were so stylish! Your machine certainly was a well paid off investment, I know this one will be too! Hey, I was a cute little 3 year old, I want one! Ok, just kidding, not today. Love you, I know you will make the world proud on your new machine, so have fun!

HOW EXCITING!!! Congrats on your new purchase. I hope it will give you as much pleasure and happiness as your old machine, and you will make many more beautiful and incredible creations!!!

Married at 17!!!!! :-)

I love the farm animal quilt.

And your new machine, she's a beauty. I am little jealous, but let's say it too loud, or the Husky might hear.

Love the new banner and border. So cute. Where'd ya get that font?

Congrats on the new machine. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

Love all the photos and the story, can't wait to see how you LOVE your new machine. Congratulations. xo

Yay!!! Bernie's home! You were so tickled when you told me about your new purchase. As matter of fact, I want one right now. Girl, happy, happy sewing to you! I can't wait to see the finished FreddyDotCom quilt. It will be amazing!

What wonderful things you've made through the years. I can't wait to see what you make now with this amazing machine! Kim

I have a 33 year old Kenmore also and it still works like a charm. I am curious to see how you like the new machine. I have thought about a new one many times but this old Kenmore just keeps going and going - like the energizer bunny! Keep us posted on your thoughts of the new machine - maybe I will be convinced to retire my old faithful.

I can't wait to see the finished quilt!! Get goin'.

Post ASAP!

Jen, you enjoy that new Bernie. I bet you will having it purring in no time! xo, suzy

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I just love looking at that blanket! And so does Taylor. She spells out the words and tells me all the things she sees which means huge progress around this house. I'm just about ready to retire it to a wall in our room for a few years as she's getting rather energetic and I don't want it ruined.

Her Raggedy Ann resides on her nightstand. Just as cute as ever. I should really put her picture in the dress right next to it. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do.

Your gifts will be treasured for many many years Jen. If we don't meet in this lifetime I'll see you on the other side.

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