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February 01, 2008


Did you know how popular those heads were gonna be? When I was little my mom had heads that she put in all her thread spools on the shelf... just lighted up the whole room! I'm in the middle of making a bunch myself! You should do that!!! Just put a dowl up that hole, add a button hat.... then put the dowl in the middle of the spool, and wa-lah! Of course, it would be hard to break up the bowl full of heads... that IS pretty cool! LOL!

There is nothing better than a bowl full of heads.

I'm here from PamKittyMorning (love her!) and I'm so glad she sent me over. I love your work, love your blog and covet that bowl of heads!

I made something with your calendar page that I will post on Vday! Thank you for sharing,


I absolutely love your photo with the doll heads.... I would have bought them as well!

I have followed Jennifer Murphy since forever, before her stuff was licensed and affordable. Isn't she great?? Love your bowl of heads..

I am loving all your finds! I think I like the doll heads best of all, because they are just STRANGE in a bowl like that, bodyless and all.

I would bet good money you're going to make something darling with those doll heads!! Can't wait to see what it is - even if it's a mystery to you at this point :)

Thanks for sharing the killer calendar page - how cool is that?

I love that Jean Murphy piece...what a steal too! Thanks for sharing. I've been working on some quilting stuff, I'll share soon.

I love that bowl of heads. ROFLOL!!!! What a bargain!! Love your new little treasure from Bayberry Cove. I just recently ordered from them.

Love your purchases and the calendar very cool. Have a great weekend.

oooh! so many great finds! i bet those doll heads would make for a really fun christmas ornament project with grandchildren! i realise christmas is far away, but who hasn't put craft supplies away for months and enjoyed them upon finding them again :)

that Jennifer Murphy piece is also AMAZING, and I love the idea of an ongoing story happening in pieces of art, what a wonderful find KupKup is!

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