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January 27, 2008


Hi Jen! I have to get some of that wall paper VERY SOON! SOOO cute! And my towel and booties arrived safely a few days ago! I JUST LOVE THEM! I really don't think they could be any sweeter at all!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH For rushing those out to me! I'm sure Kelly will love them! And I'll post pics on my blog soon! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! (sorry if I made you worry! Sweet of you to do so!! :)

What a wonderful little desk. And the paper inside .... so cute!

Hi JEN!!!

Now THAT is what we all call A FIND!!! And you snagged TWO, well THREE including the desk and chair. I adore that soft bluish band on the plate and oooooh the pink will be heaven! Please please show us when you find the pink! If i stumble across it i will get it (although our thrift stores usually mark dishes very high :(

I LOVE your HONET response at the theatre! We went to see a jim Carey Movie a long time ago (the one where he kind of lives in the bubble town) our Son, Doug, immediately stood up at it's end and announced "That was the worst movie I have ever seen!" I loved his spontaneity and honesty! I did not care for it either. So i will miss Cloverfield.

Hey Jen!

I finally got around to updating my blog, and of course had to come check in on yours. I LOVE the desk, and the China. That is a gorgeous pattern. Hope all is well! If you ever decide to get rid of that desk, I'm your girl! Yeah-right like that is going to happen! LOL!

Oh, I love that china! Cute desk too! I've already snagged that wallpaper cause I don't already have enough stuff! ha! xo, suzy

Jen, you are a living doll! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm including you in my will.

Most importantly, I am sorry to hear about sweetpea being on the move again. It must be incredibly hard for everyone.

And secondly, don't hate me, but I have a partial set of that china. I think I have the platter, and a creamer, and a sugar bowl, and plates, bowls, teacups, saucers, etc. Maybe only service for 4? (Can't really remember and it is in the high cabinet right now.)

It's a crazy story actually. We were at a rummage sale, and they had a whole box under a table in the "fancy" section priced at $25. I bought a few other small things, told myself I DO NOT NEED THAT CHINA, and left it there. Got to the car, hemming and hawing, discovered that Dave only had $20 in his pocket, but it was really calling me. So I borrowed the other $5 from my mom and sent my husband RUNNING back into to get it. LOL (Rummage sales are crazy, there is no time to waste.) He did manage to buy it, but then he sort of grumbled at me for an hour b/c he had to carry a heavy box of fragile chine all the way back to the car, and we had to park so freaking far away from the sale due to the crazy crowded factor.

Well, you are just way too cool to mention my blog!!! Thanks!

Now, get this: My mother owned that platter--it was on our table for practically every meal we ever ate! It was so much fun to see it here today!

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