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January 05, 2008


OK! The butterfly quilt is an inspiration for the babies room. We should find out if it's a girl tomorrow, even though I feel pretty sure that it is. I love the flowers, butterflies, and pink with lime green. I'm truley inspired!!

Jen! I'm drooling on my keyboard! Your quilts are amazing!!! I've been driving for a year with a sewing machine in my trunk-donated by a sweet friend and I'm so afraid to bring it in! Sewing scares the **** out of me-I want so much to do it but there is a preciseness that is the complete antithesis of how I operate... Seeing your quilts might change that-baby steps OF COURSE but totally inspired by you! xo-Mel

Hi Jen!
First, is that cocoa you are drinking there? (i love cocoa)
Second, How beautiful! Your quilts are beautiful!!! Quilting takes patience! I bet you LOVE those rotory cutters and self sealing cutting mats!!!!
I think the last one is my favorite...but then again it is way to hard to pick just one favorite!!!

I love your quilts! You make me want to try piecing again! And I do love urban cowboy... it's so wrong, yet so right. LOL! He beats the crap out of her, but alls well that ends well because he buys her a double wide! LOLOLOLOL!

Your quilts are so FANTASTIC!!! I totally love your fabric selections and how you can make them all work so perfectly together!!! Hope you don't give up on the felting...can't wait to see what you will be making with that!!!

You have so inspired me to get at my little box of scraps!

Look at you go! Wowsers, I really want to learn what this "paper peicing" means!

Too bad about your sweater shrinkage (sorry, it made me laugh 'cuz it reminded me of that Dick Van Dyke episode)...I hope you find some to do the felting 'cuz I'd love to see it. I found a shrunken kid's aqua sweater at the thrift store (probably someone forgot & threw into the wash) hoping to use it for some crafting. Everybody keeps talking about wool felt & I can't find those pastely colors at the fabric store...and, why is it better than polyester craft felt, I wonder?

Jen. Love the quilting! I have some sweaters for you to play with...I will email you tomorrow. I have also bestowed an Amazing Blogger award on you, so if you could check todays post...Thanks, Susan

omg...I feel for you on the washer situation! Mine broke last Feb....and I've always wanted to buy the front loaders...but of course....I'm cheap so I was just going to replace my old top loader with another almond one to match my almond dryer...and well...none to be found! LOL So I HAD to buy my front loaders.....they are AWESOME and we finally paid them off!!!! But they are worth EVERY penny!!!! And that's coming from a squeaky cheap person like me! Sorry about your sweater!! Love the quilts made!!!!

sorry about the felting debacle! thank goodness the crafty efforts that turn out that way are more than balanced out by the the ones that don't.

in that vein-- oh my goodness what wonders you've wrought from your collection of delicious scraps! i am in awe. you make it look easy, and I'm assured from my tiny efforts at quilting/patchwork that it is not!

Jen, I love that paper pieced quilt your making. Looks vitage. Where did you get the pattern?
Sorry about the washer. I was told to not ever wash a rag quilt in the washer or dryer cause the lint is incredible and will clog up everything. LOL!!!

Oh Jen, your quilting is divine! I am so drawn to quilting but I am so not a quilter. Felting, hmmm, another project that sounds intriguing. I love rug hooking, think I will stick to that! xo, suzy

Haha, I am watching that movie right now.

SO, you gonna teach me how to do that paper piecing thang?? I promise not to throw the scissors. LOL

I'm loving those blocks Jen! Sorry to hear about your washer. It's like losing a friend. My new washer just isn't the same.

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