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January 02, 2008


OOH!!! Snow fun!!! Your little guy looks so grown up! I'll have to look for a copy of that magazine-it looks great!!! xo-Mel

"shelling out that much money for sweaters I've spent 50 years avoiding" - LOL, aint that the truth?? Like you I'm scouring the thrift stores for those itchy beauties, hoping for gold, and finding some in my own closet :) I always hope for jars of buttons too ...

Clean eating is exactly what I hope for in this bright new year, I usually aim for it, but sometimes miss (especially in December when there are baked goods and candies at every turn). Good luck with your efforts - thanks for the magazine tip!

oh how fun! You're snow trip sounds like ours... only an hour away and a small patch on the side of the road. But I don't do snow... so that's giving a lot from me! LOL! You're such a good gramma! If it wasn't for my mom and dad, we never would have gone... but they told us the kids would love it and they were right... you guys know so much! You couldn't wipe the smile off Gracie's face! LOL!

I could polish off a a whole jar of nuts...
Let's give that up next year okay?

Hi Jen, The magazine looks like it is worth a read. It is most definately time for me to get back on the wagon (I totally overindulged this year!). I am not familiar with the wool felting process, but have a ridiculous number of wool sweaters, some with moth holes. Are you looking for 100% wool? Susan

That magazine looks interesting. I'm gonna have to check that out. The hat is adorable on your little guy. My boys wore some funny hats too when they were young.

It kills me how much sweaters cost at the thrift. I am not going to give them $10 for a freaking used sweater.

You might try asking Heidi, aka Spiritual Knitter if you need something specific. She turns up a lot of good felted wool, and cheap too. (Plus she felts for it you.)

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