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January 07, 2008


Sweet, sweet Valentines!!! I love them all-especially that red heart! xo-Mel

so sweet , ...Jen I'm lovin it and you too of course!!!

Great idea!! I do have ALOT of those kinds of projects. As a matter of fact, sometimes I can hear tiny voices saying, "let me out, let me out". It must be those lil tossed out projects from long ago.
Love your blog, I'll be back for sure.

Jen...those are so adorable. Just love the quilted hearts!

Your valentines are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Did you make that butterfly, raggy flower quilt? I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!!! If you did, teach me! I would die happy if I ever made a quilt like that. Thanks for the kind words about the shower. It did go well. My friend has an adorable shabby house, so most of the decorating was almost done-YEAH!!!!

I love your things Jen. I think my name was spelled wrong on my order.

I love those hearts! Susan

This is a great idea!

Sweet.. you make such darling stuff.

Too bad I blew my wad at the estate sale this weekend. Maybe come Friday...

(I was so hoping you would have joined the Valentine swap, as I was dying to have a Valentine from you. LOL)

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