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December 31, 2007


Red Velvet cake used to be a family favorite when I was small. It is lovely and heart warming to see kids on laps, smiles and contented loving faces in your photos. You are indeed a rich girl. Thank you for the nice moments looking at family photos.
Mary Lou

Red Velvet Cake? Oh my!! I'm glad that little temptation wasn't hanging around at my house! Weight loss? What a novel idea. *rolls eyes* I wish just resolving to lose weight would gain results but alas, it takes will power too--which I am in dire need of.
Happy Holidays!

Hi Jen,
Happy New Year to you too, and thanks for your sweet comment,LOL.
Looks like you all had a great time at Christmas, and how wonderful you ALL can be together, the kids must really love that.
I saw that Yummy red velvet cake at costco, and boy did i want to buy it, but I joined Jenny Craig DEc 1., I had too do this month other wise I would not lose any weight, and guess what? 12 lbs lost this month, only 30 more to go, so I can show up in a bikini again,NOT!!!
Love your new banner.
Take care,

Happy New Year, Jen! You've given me hope that maybe one day my mom and dad and their new "others" will be able to share a holiday with us! Never say never, right??? xo-Mel

We play the same game when we visit Mark's parents. Fun.

I'm so happy to see families together - better yet a mother and father who can't see eye to eye yet stay friends enough to get together like this. I just love that you can do that. It's so great for the kids.


That's what makes you amazing Jen, gathering the troops like that. It looks like fun!

Happy New Year to you - bring on Italy!!


Happy New Year Jen!! I am looking forward to your blog in 2008!! xo, suzy

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