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December 23, 2007


You have awakened my stitching fingers!! What wonderful images--and of course the photos, too!
Merry Christmas, Jen!

Oh Jen, are you going to be embroidering? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

how fab is that find!!!
and the little on in the fire truck to cute!!!
have a very merry christmas!!
jessi nagy

Awesome. :-)

SHE COULDN'T BE ANY CUTER IF SHE TRIED... what a darling photo. Seriously, cutest ever.

Thanks for the scans.. I'm all tingly just thinking about them.

OMG could you please share your adorable grandaughter??? PLEEZZEEE!!!! She is sooo cute.
Love the little designs. I agree they would make great stitcheries. Thanks
Merry Christmas Jen!!

delightful images and a wonderful gift! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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