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December 17, 2007


That is just........devious!!!

I love the idea. I might do that next year.

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OMG...I LOVE it...and the beautiful way you wrapped your gifts. I am so totally gonna do this this year, just to sloooow things down abit around here...of course I'll probably just slap the numbers on with a sharpie

Oh my, that is a hoot!!! I love it!!! Too bad I can't do that at my house (doesn't work well when there is only 1 main gift recipient). I am still doing some evil stuff though, like changing boxes to throw off good guesses. he he

This reminds me of the year my grandmother hid the easter eggs and then promptly forgot where she hid them all. All I can say is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW about 2 weeks later.

(Plus she was always finding forgotten Christmas presents come Feb.)

That is so kids keep poking their heads in the office, trying to figure out what is in the boxes...I like your idea better. Complete anonymity for each gift...devious? I say clever little elf! Susan

That's a great idea Jen. My mom used to write our names in shorthand. We had no idea what the heck the packages said. LOL!!

One of my friend's moms used to do this numbering thing! And all of us girls just used to revel in the fact that we thought it was so aweful! LOL! (we were kids mind you...) And during our sleep overs we would just sit and try to help my poor friend figure out her mom's numbering system (which changed year to year). It was the talk of the town for months! LOL! so I say kudos!!!! torture the kids! LOL!

You are so smart. That just might send my family over the edge!!! What fun :-)!

Ha ha, shakin' pokin' and squeezin' become a whole lot more mysterious when you don't even know who the present's for :) Don't lose the master list ...

Oh my goodness! My husband's family does this and it drives me bananas! Well, MIL has some other twists to the gift opening that make it crazy. The children have to take turns picking a gift from under the tree. Of course there are no names. Then if the present doesn't belong to them they have to give it to whomever it does belong to and then wait their turn again. Takes forever and poor little kids don't understand why they can't just open the gift.

I can see the concept of just the numbers so nobody messes with the gifts. It's really the other part that is horrible.

By the way, your wrapped gifts look beautiful!


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