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December 15, 2007


Love your wreath! Merry Christmas

Ok, I have been trying to resist that fabric for days now.

I cannot. (crossing fingers.)

ooh- love this! Pick me. pick me!!! What a lovely story! So excited about this giveaway!

Merry Christmas blessings,
kari & kijsa

Oh my! They are lovely. Thanks for the chance. :)

What a great wreath!!! Mighty Miss K has that as her favoite!! Kudos to John for his generosity and spirit. I'm sure he feels blessed in so many ways. Love the pretty fabrics!!

oh pick me!!!!! I'd love to make some cute Annie dolls and dress them in your wonderful vintage fabrics!!! I LOVE your blog! You are so inspiring!!! Thanks for offering the giveaway...doesn't it feel great?

OMG! This is like winning the lottery... well playing the lottery and then winning if you win anyway! LOL! And what a beautiful story! I too believe that you get what you give, and kill em with kindness... those are my two favorite phrases! Thanks for the chance!!!

OK so I'm greedy enough to post and say I'd love to win that fabric, but mostly to say BRAVO to John for donating his winnings and helping that dear lady in her mission to feed the homeless - now THAT is a good day's work.

what a wonderful, touching story. I want to read it again and again!

and of course, I'd love to have more fabric ;)

oooo count me in, i love(covet) all things fabric!!!

Jen, Wow, that was an amazing story. I don't know John, but I know that he has a big heart, and from reading all that you have written, I know that you do too. Thank you for starting my week with such a positive feeling..and by the way, I am linking you on my blog so that I will remember to visit more often. I have been coming here by way of Suzy's blog. Have a great week. Susan

Your wreath ROCKS - it makes me smile too!

Love your fabrics!

It will definitely return to you tenfold!
The fabric is awesome!

You do know that I reaaaaaaly need more fabric. So, if I win I'll pick them up when I arrive on Friday. And, by the way, I love your pink wreath.

Your story about John is touching. It clearly defines what the "season" is about. It would be delightful if we all could live this "season" each and every day.

Peace to you.

Love your beautiful pink wreath....clever and oh so creative! Those fabrics are just yummy. Hope I win! Merry Christmas and a very prosperous and healthy New Year to you and your family!

What a great story. I'm happy for John, happy for Betty and happy for all the people that will feed. xo

Your pink wreath is a hoot! Love it. And as for the give away....I think you are incredibly generous in your Christmas spirit. Carol R

What a beautiful story! Giving blesses the giver as much or more than those who receive. And what lovely fabric, thanks for being so generous!
Merry Christmas, Kimberly

I remember how you got these yummy fabrics! Score of the century! I promise that I would love them! xo, suzy

What a wonderful story. God really does bless those who bless others.

The fabric is beautiful! Just think of the things that could be created!

Please don't enter me into the drawing. Lord knows that gorgeous fabric would be wasted on a non-seamstress like me.

I just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I've been enjoying your posts and that story----WELL, that's just something you don't hear often and it's nice to hear there are some people who exercise genuine kindness.


What a beautiful story - so heartwarming - please put my name in the hat for the fabric. Happy holidays.

What a nice story. John was so extremely generous. I am glad that you shared that story with us.
I would love some fabric so count me in!

John got a new star in his crown, I'm sure. May God bless him for being so unselfish and generous!!

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