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December 10, 2007


I must say, all the decor is lovely but the cutest things in your holiday home are definitely the grandkids. Love the big brother and holding his new sister - those tiny feet! And the fairy princess on her rocking horse couldn't be more precious. Of course I'll give you a run for your money with adorable grandkid photos when all four of mine arrive this Christmas. Hehe. And yeah, they'll all be adorable AND exhausting.

I'm having a MAJOR 'aaaaawwww' moment - how adorable are these two?? Caleb looks like such a tender and sweet big bro!

Such a sweet photo.

What a sweet picture!
The Willow Tree nativity is something that I have wanted for years. I keep saying to myself that I will just buy one piece each year, yet each year passes without it.

Oh I love that nativity!! Your grandkids are just precious!! Merry Christmas!

That is such a wonderful picture of your grandkids!

What a wonderful picture!

Cutecutecute!!!!!! They are soooo adorable!

OMG that photo is adorable with a capital A!!! I'm telling you, that is a Christmas card for sure. And your a lucky lady to have those grandkids.

how precious!!!!

pretty nativity!
gorgeous grand children!~!!
so precious!

I just had to write a comment today. How blessed you are with two beautiful precious grandchildren. Enjoy this most special time of year with them. Mimi

Oh, I remember that nativity set well, I used to sell it in my gift shop! I think I will post my nativity one of these days! I do love the memories of my mom's set when I was little!

Awwww, what a gorgeous shot of those beautiful kids.

What a beautiful nativity!!! If you didn't purchase it, I think you should!!! What a fantastic photo!!! The kiddos are totally adorable!!!

Cute, cute, cute photo!! I love your Nativity too - so simple and elegant.

oh for sure! that is too precious. he is holding her so sweetly.

I'd say these ARE the best years of your life, huh??


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