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November 30, 2007


Jen, your family room description had me laughing out loud...and, one of my fave phrases is "looks like crap on a stick". LOL! I'm laughing 'cuz so many of us make the same buying mistakes. Good thing white paint covers a multitude of sins, so go for it. :) BTW, I've listened to the first 'Secret' CD, just haven't gotten around to the rest yet...some of it sounds familiar - like the laws of the universe.
well, back to cleaning for Christmas decorating for me.

Ha ha, is there any crafter who's NOT a magazine junkie?? I know I am, can't part with 'em either - yikes.

I am definitely a magazine junkie too! You don't want to know how many I have sitting around my craft room....but they are so hard to resist :)

Well this is my second time commenting. My puter closed on me. The battery said 15 min. left and I ignored it. LOL I hear you about the wrong choices we make. I too have a leather set of furniture that I had to have. I HAD red/white gingham checked furniture but oh no I had to have this leather set which I HATE now.
So your not alone!!! I'm here for ya!!

I love magazines and any kind of craftyish book. I try to keep mine in my craft room but that doesn't always happen. I wonder what I would find if I emptied my coffee table drawers?? Not magazines...probably a barbie head, a sock or two, coloring books, maybe even an old tootsie roll!
Good luck on decorating for the holidays, I'm sure you'll make room look beautimous. :)

Good luck with your living room! I'm sure you will make it look lovely.

I,too, am a magazine junkie. I just love all the ideas and inspiration.

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