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November 28, 2007


Our Kmart closed and turned into a Sears!! But those are some dang cute ornaments you got going on there!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

Oh yes, Martha is always on my list to stop in every year and see what is new for the season. I too have those fabulous aqua polka dot ornaments! xo, suzy

woooooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!

I won. :)

I know, we're off to find another Kmart today!

I bought a ridiculous amount of that festive confection stuff way back in October! LOL (Like one of everything.)

Jen. Thanks for the heads up on K mart. We do have one nearby, and I never get over there, but you have given me good reason to hop in the car and take a ride...and this way, I can avoid cleaning the house for a few more hours. Susan

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