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October 17, 2007


So many pretty things in your home and the pink wedgewood lamp is PERFECT and oh-so-chic!

I just a-DORE your cookie sheet calendars and what a fun way to use up lots of little tschokes!

Loved finding your blog today - vicki

monorail cat strikes again!

LOVE your bedroom!!! Especially the wallpapered chest! Sheesh Louise--that is the sweetest piece of furniture I've seen!!! xo-Mel

Cats are so really never knows what they will do next. You are completely excused from getting anything done because you shared such pretty pictures & ideas with us! Love the wallpaper on the little kids chest & the shelf is great. I also Love the wedgewood style lamp PINK...very chic.

Oh my gosh! So much cool stuff in one blog post! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it all! You are one clever and crafty chic miz jen! Those bears are so stinkin' cute! I love how you redid that dresser with the vintage wallpaper. Your blog is always so interesting! xo, suzy

Wow! What a paradise of creative wonder. Each photo was like flipping through a magazine of brilliant ideas!

Ha ha, I thought only Garfield could sit like that :) Love what you've done in the bedroom, it looks just gorgeous!

That cat looks awfully comfortable for being in such an odd place. LOL. Everything you have been working on looks so nice and together. Lots of hard work. I love your display of the brooches. Great idea.

OMG that cat is a HOOT!!! The expression on his/her face is priceless! Your calendars are 'to die for'!!! Love the new backings, but do you just use a ruler to lay the grid on top of the patterned paper?? Love your bedroom redecorating. I need to do something with mine, but I am too lazy (or maybe I should say I just have not moved it up high enough on the priority list). REALLY love what you did with the chest, and the little photo grouping is genius!!! How cool that you found just the frames you needed..and in the dollar that is kismet for sure!! Great idea for the table top too...Love the pretty vintage postcards under the glass. I think there is just about nothing you can't make beautiful!!!

I'm with Pam, I was taking in all the stuff you were showing and loving it all then........poof there's a cat hanging off the banister. ROFLOL!!! That is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I do love all your decorating ideas though and love those calenders you make. You are just too clever!!

So many wonderful photos I think of a thousand comments till I get to the end and see that cat and it CRACKS ME UP. That's how the squirrels sit on the fence but never have I seen a cat do that?

Love the glass with the postcards underneath!!! And your cat is hilarious!!! I have a friend who's cat lays like that on the iron banister on their porch!!!

Nope, never seen a cat do that. By the way, who is the author of "The Secret"? I looked on amazon and there are several books titled that. Thanks.

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