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October 28, 2007


The family pix are great. I miss everyone. Nick and I plus one have to visit next year. Looking forward to the update of Melissa's new ball of sunshine. Love you!

Love your blog site, can't wait to snoop around some more. I think I found you at Retro Rosie (because of the tea towels) I'll be back for more.

Love all the great photos!!! Everyone looks mighty happy!!! Now, we need to see a photo of happy you!!!

Oh Jen, you are soooo lucky to have grandkids AND have them live near you. I sure hope someday I get that too. Your daughter is so pretty and looks very happy. Your hubby looks mighty happy himself.

are you sure she's 9 months pregnant?!!

i'm so happy for you. this post just beams happiness. good for you and yours.

the secret seems to be working in many areas of your life!

What a wonderful post by such a caring mother & grandmother! Thanks for sharing!

kari & kijsa

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