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September 17, 2007


Oh my gosh, this is looking good! I love, love the dresser!!

You're invited to play the name game, check out my blog!!!

You have a great way with wallpaper! I just found your blog... would you want to share blog links? come for a visit.

The dresser and door are beautiful! Love the wallpaper on the dresser! Kids crack me up.....what they wll endure to go swimming.... :)

wow!! the door and dresser look amazing!! I wish we had health food stores that cool in my town! :-)

Both the door and the dresser look faboo!! LOL - Calebs tats are something else, his smile is the best :)

ok, sleep all you want on whether that is a nice solution to wallpaper usage. your fan base is emphatic. it is gorgeous! of course it is... now i am second guessing what i can paste stuff to ... what a nice all around idea.

i am off to bed... and now thinking of what i can paper up. i need no new hobbies... wild fire starter you!

promise to show new pics when you finish? you know we need to see the end results.

I love what you did with the door and dresser. And who is that cutie-patootie? All grown up and "tat-ted" up all over! Cute, cute, cute!!!!

Oh I am pea green about the door and the dresser. Love the mural. And the pool picture is the greatest. Our little neighborhood pool always stayed up till October. I loved those nice evenings taking my girl to the pool.

Hi Jen! How beautiful, love the bedroom!! That wallpaper is fabulous! xo, suzy

I have an armoire that I am dying to do that wallpaper thing to. Just haven't found the right paper (or enough of it) yet. Love the one you chose though.

Can you believe our pools closed the first week of August? Pffft.

I love the door and the dresser. What a great thing to do. And that is a handsome young man in the photo. Love the tattoos too.

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