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September 01, 2007


Love the story and the song!!!! Happiest of Happy Anniversaries to a beautiful couple! xo-Mel

What a good-looking couple...and, you're a grandmother? wow! :) Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on your anniversary! You look beautiful! And it sounds like a wonderful day : )

Congrats on your anniversary!!! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!!! Love your story about the wedding.

You look fab on your wedding day, and I am sure that's all John's mother noticed while you were for sharing. I think I will also begin the ABC blog, don't know what meme means either.
Happy Anniversary!

love this post! happy anniversary!

love also the blogging a-z idea. i may need to do something like that when we get back from vacation.

now i am off to read the song lyrics...


What fun you are! What a great suprise!!!!! I'm sure you shocked the crowd! How fun!!!! I read the lyrics to the funny..and cute too!

Happy Anniversary!

happy Anniversary! enjoying yr blog very much! thanks for the inspirations!

How great! Congratulations!

That's so sweet! Congrats on the anniversary! xo, suzy

He he he, how cute - and baby (babies!) look at you now :)

You are just too darn cute! In all ways! Happy anniversary!

i read the whole long story... all eighteen pages of your visual and endearing records. it was so nice and i felt as if i had been lucky enough to attend. thank you for sharing and more to the point...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
OH .... Happy Birthday JOHN and Melissa!
it should be quite a rocking weekend for all of you. i shall toast you from the east coast!xow.

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