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August 26, 2007


Just love that bracelet. Anything with charms, glitter or pink and it's mine! So cute.

The bracelets are so ADORABLE!!! Just perfect for a little girl and truly exceptionally designed. LOVE THEM!!! OH, and Miss K is just the cutest!!! Love the little apron. Bet you could sell bunches of them too! So proud of Mr. C. And I am so jealous that his Dad was able to have an easy go of training him. We did lots of huffing and puffing with Miss B.

kids are so cute.
that bracelet rocks! so cute.
jessi nagy

wow, you made good use of your time store sitting! the bracelet is as cute as the grandbabies. you are one heck of a good grandmama aren't you! they are really sweet and happy looking. thank you for sharing.
also, as always, i am touched... in the sentimental and grateful way.

love the bracelets and your sweet grandchildren!!! just darling! and how wonderful is it that you still have the apron you wore when you were 2?! that makes that picture of kadence in the apron even more special.

Those two kids are darling. And you're pretty darn cool yourself. You always inspire me. That bracelet is darling!

Yay - Caleb is a bonafide biker!! That's always such a fun moment. Flynn took his time about that one too.

Kadence is a cutie pie and looks super cool in both the apron and the bracelet - decked out :)

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