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August 21, 2007


W-O-W!! What a fabulous trip - Alaska looks gorgeous, the food looks overwhelming, and the pillow guy is just plain hilarious!!! You two are too much :) Happy Anniversary!

Dear Jen,

first of all I like to congratulate you to your 5th anniversary and then I just have to tell you that your story and pics about the funny towel animals and your fab towel man just cracked me up big time lol#

Hugs Carol xox

Ahhahahaha!!! Too funny!

Love your Towel man!!!!! Natalie

Holy cow! Sounds like you had alot of fun!!!

: )

He he the towel story, that that man was a hoot!!! Food looks really good too, but I agree...not work the fighting over!

i still have to post my cruise pics. im a little late. how funny are your towel animals, and man, to funny!!! i love cruising. this was our 3rd this summer. My hubby and i are going on one over new years alone. yeah! that should be fun.
welcome back to a normal life. ha ha.
jessi nagy

LOL! The towel animals are adorable, and the man is hilarious! Love that it had the rabbit head!

what a funny, funny, little man... how cool are those towel animals. are you planning to do them at home every night?
you are tortured artists aren't you?
love love love your new etsy jewels. as always, phenomenal. you should show them off here!

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