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August 07, 2007


Bon Voyage, Jen! Have lots o' fun! LOVE those bracelets! XXOO, Beth

Hi Jen,
have a wonderful cruise! have fun! relax! xo, suzy

totally fab bracelets!
Have a great time on your CRUISE!!!

Have a blast on your cruise - how wonderful!! Love the bracelets, hope you might put some on Etsy, and as for peach ice-cream - mmmmmmm, delish :)

Great looking bracelets! Have a wonderful time n your cruise!

OMG I love those bracelets. Did you say you made them??? LOVE THEM!!!

Jen, Hope you have a FANTASTIC time on your cruise!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! Love your bracelets...totall GORGEOUS!!! You MUST start selling them on ETSY!! GREAT score on the keys too. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!

I'm Glad yu like the ABC's of me meme! It's been really cool and super challenging. Bella Dia Started it (there are a to of bloggers participating) and most bloggers are doing bullet lists of things they like a-z, but I am trying to be super introspective with mine. I have wanted to do something like that on my blog fo awhilebut wasn't sure how, so this was a prefect jumping point!

Can't wait to get the apron!

okay, lovin' these bracelets! how do i get my hands on one?! xoxo

Your bracelets look great...I need to learn jewelry making & do something with all the costume jewelry I have hanging around. I just LOVE that porcelain lady - aqua & polka dot dress, oh, my...I've never seen one quite like that.

wow, i knew you had it going on for those little bracelets. you have done such a fantastic job. now i am looking at all the stuff around me and thinking that i missed the boat. they really are both nifty bracelets.Congrats on them and surviving the gruelling heat.
selfishly speaking, how long is that well deserved cruise lasting? will there be a mural on board? hope you have a blast there.

OHMY those are darling bracelets. And I went looking for my Mural Monday yesterday andwondered what the heck. So how many more Monday's worth of Murals do you have?

have a super trip.

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