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August 27, 2007


Hate games but I'm really not a grinch. I just hate games. And I was wondering if Starbucks added a mural tax? I don't drink coffee but I can't believe what my sister pays twice a day for her carmel machiato! But then again, she can't believe what I pay for vintage fabric. Hmmm, vices! Blessings... Polly

First of all, thanks so much for the nice comments you've been leaving me lately...but when I try to reply, my mail comes back undelivered...don't know why.

Here's an idea that I did at my sister's baby shower. Since it's heading into fall and that is bulb planting season, you can set up pretty bowls of bulbs (tulip, daffodil, etc.) and have the guests fill up some kind of cute bags with a few bulbs. Probably sounds a little weird but I still remember that shower each time the daffodils come up in my yard.

I like the craft idea - but that's me :) You could make a cute book and each guest could write their advice or a mom memory on a tag to slip into the book, that kinda thing.

I've seen games like each guest tears off a length of TP to see who can get closest to the girth of Mom's tummy (don't really care for that, but whateva). I like the tray of baby stuff - you keep it covered, show it to the guests for about 30 seconds, then they have to write down what was on the tray (memory game) - Mom-to-be gets to keep all the stuff on the tray (pacifier, bottle, burp cloth - the cute crafted-by-Grandma type, nose unstuffer, diaper, wipes, etc.), being you maybe you cover the tray with a fab baby quilt and that's a gift too - KWIM?

Good luck with the shower :)

check out how about orange blog.she has a link to a cool website for game printouts.

I don't do games either. Didn't have any at my baby shower. At a baby shower I threw, I had everyone decorate onsies-the mom-to-be then had a great selection of very special outfits for her little one. I supplied onsies in a couple of sizes, fabric paint, iron-on transfers, patches and needle & thread.

we just set an egg timer during gift opening. timer goes off and the person the gift is from gets a prize. easy.

Forgot to mention that I won a prize at a baby shower for the correct guesses on that game!!! ;0)

Let me just say, I really don't care for games, but if you HAVE to have them, my fav is the poopy diaper one...melt different chocolate bars in diapers (microwave), then people have to make guesses as to what type of chocolate bar is in each diaper. Yeah, I know it seems kinda yucky (or disgusting), but it cracks me up. :P

I love shower games(probably cause I always win). I have one of those minds that remembers every nursery rhyme in history, but cant remember what I did yesterday! I was at a shower where we decorated onsies at a separate table and the mom-to-be picked out her faves and they won a prize. Most of them were adorable!! Plus I am sure your prizes will be lovely!!

I am a party pooper and hate the games. I usually sit in the back and roll my eyes. I probably shouldn't suggest anything!!! Have fun, you're such a super grandma and mom!

How does the mama-to-be feel about the games part? Personally, I wouldn't have cared if we had them or not. It would have been a lot more fun to do a craft, like decorating onesies with freezer paper stencils (and then I would have had a lot of cool onesies for Jack as a bonus!).

There is a really gorgeous baby shower idea in the Rachel Ashwell book sumptuous settings. And our library had a few books that had game ideas in them also.

I think we played make baby names out of the letters of our names (david and sarah), pin the diaper on the baby, and who knows what else. LOL

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