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August 13, 2007


Funnnnny! Can't wait to see more pictures of your trip.

ROFL - do you think the cabin staff have to go to Towel Seminars to hone their craft?? Do they fail the cabin staff test if their animals are not up to par???

Please be sure to post a pic when the animals are wearing your undies :)

Oh Jen! Those towel animals are cute, but in a creepy way.... and I sure hope he doesn't start using your other belongings!

Looks like you're having fun though!


Too Too fun!!! So glad you are having a great time and love the towel creations!!! So very clever indeed!!! Can't wait to hear more about the cruise. I really want to go on an Alaskan cruise one of these days!!!

how funny!
we have done 4 cruises. and those animals still scrare me. ha ha.
my kids love them.
we just returned from a cruise.
we had a towel monkey hanging from the ceiling, shades and all. scrary. by the morning he was de-capitated. ba ha.
hope you had a great trip.
jessi nagy

Well it keeps you guessing...I wonder what he'll come up with next. You'll have to leave something odd hanging around the room to see if he uses that. :o)

Sounds like a wonderful time...Thanks for sharing the photos.

Hi mom! Glad to hear you are having fun! And eating real food all day! Wow! The towel animal thing cracks me up. When we went to Mexico, same thing! The maid would come every other day, get all the towels around and make phallic looking geese, birds, stuff like that. We kept making fun of them cause she would put real flower petals, or whatever around on them and they did look really phallic for some reason. And they always were on our beds. Like we are gonna shower in the bedroom! It was the first time I had ever seen anything like that. but not now with you! Strange...Becca kept saying how cute they were...Brian and I were a little wierded out! Hope you have a blast! Love you mom!

those are so cute. I can't wait to see what he does with your bra's!

Hi Jen, sounds like tons of fun, and snacks, on your cruise. I totally agree that it's a bit freaky to find your stuff on the towel critters, but they are too cute! xo, suzy

okay, that is a little freaky...cute, but a little freaky. have a great trip!!

LOL, your cabin guy is quite crafty! I think the animals are cute, not odd at all!

Hi JEn!
Hope youre having a wonderful cruise!! Aren't the towel animals cute? One time I came in to find an almost lifesize "person" sitting in the bed...scared the @$%& out of me!!!! THey had used my jean jacket, towls, a hat, glasses, and even had my tennis shoes sticking out from under the blanket on the side of the bed.....Yikes!!! Bon Voyage!!!

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