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July 05, 2007


Great photos Smart a$$ mom! LOL! Jen you are funny! BTW, I received the last fabric bundle a few days ago. Thanks!

Do you live in Eureka, Ca.? My husband and I were just looking up campgrounds in that area yesterday......We are going to take a trip up the Coast through the avenue of the giants, and into Oregon in a couple of weeks. So, if so, would you have any suggestions? perhaps for campgrounds, shops, restaurants, sights, etc. Natalie
P.S. Loove the necklaces....I have an old rhinestone brooch, that belonged to my grandma that would look lovely on a necklace like you take orders??????

Great pics Jen - love flying Caleb!! As for being a smarta$$, your kids are used to it by now, as are mine :) They love us for it, right??

what a beautiful family!

What a fun day!

you look great!!

It must really suck having such a smart a$$ for a mom sometimes. ;-)


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