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July 23, 2007


yo! i love the whole mural theme... around here it would be tagged art. or something to that style. coolio that you have enough to make a weekly entry here about them. I like them, i really do!
i am breaking my subterranean looky loo secret agent lifestyle here... thanks for all, AS ALWAYS. xow

that mural is JUST FANTASTIC!!! WOW!!! so very beautiful!!! and i love your little tin with the tickets inside :)

I hope you had a nice visit with your aunt. You make me think of the Gilligan's Island song: "No phones, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury!" Except what could be more luxurious than peace, quiet and doing what you love?
And that tin with the tickets inside...cute isn't a good enough word for it. It's precious!

The mural is fantastic. You don't need a before pic to see what an impact this makes on that wall. And it sounds like you are really going to have so much fun at your aunt's house. And I love the "Back rub" ticket. Regards, Kim.

Oh I am jealous for the alone time, have a fabulous time, and I like your idea on the tins!

Have fun!

The mural is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the little tin with the cute and such a great idea!!! Hope you have TONS of fun in Oregon. Lots of fun creating time...sounds divine!!! Be safe!

Love your little mini-tin! That is TOO CUTE!

Uber-cute - love the mini tin coupon-book and those fabulous murals!!

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