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July 10, 2007


That toddler quilt it gorgeous! I'm glad you finished it up and so quickly, too! :) Everything is so inspiring on your blog! So cheery!

Oh yes - and another message to say 'wahoo!!' - Grandma gets to dress a girl - watch out world :) Congrats to Melissa, as the very happy mother of a daughter I happen to think that's really fabulous news!

Wow Jen - congrats on the amazing win - that vintage basket o'goodies is fabuloso!

You are such a doll, Miss Jen! You justy KNOW we're going to have to meet when you come east. Suzy and I are a-waitin'! XXOO, Beth

Love the cards, well everything you do I think highly of!

Hi Jen,
OH MY, how FAB if you came to Virginia! Beth and I would throw you a fabulous party! Just for the three of us! Congrats on the granddaughter, what fun it will be to sew for her and when she is old enough, teach her to sew! xo, suzy

Lovin' etsy!!

I just mentioned you and the fabric swap in my blog. Thanks again!

Wow. Just Wow. That kit looks darling and is a complete steal all cut like that. I love how you fussy cut those posts out of the red dot. Very clever!

Oh...the flocked wallpaper!!!! I MUST have some!!! I will keep checking back. What lovely finds you got on Etsy. I have been enjoying all the lovely things I see there too!!! Congrats on your new granddaughter!!! Oh how fun to sew girlie things, and it!!!

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