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June 29, 2007


Awww... makes me want to cry living thru your memories! Even if they weren't GREAT! I LOVE DL! My daughter lost her first tooth their too! We always say she lost it on Main Street USA! DL is so fun in September right after school starts. You feel so guilty for ALREADY taking your kid out of school, but it's almost eerie it's so un-crowded. The hours are short (I think it closes at 8) but it's worth the guilt! We went on some rides like 14 times in a row with no breaks! Well, I shopped, dad rode... :)

I've always had luck in January or February...especially on a weekday!

What great pictures! I interned at Disney World in Orlando during Christmas time. Man, was it packed. I was told that Easter is their busiest time. We went to Epcot one time in late August, when it's the dead of summer in FL, and there weren't many people/lines there. Again, thanks for sharing the pictures. They're adorable.

Oh Jen!~~~Sweet little Caleb does look like he's having a great time@ I love his pirate mouse ears! And to lose his first tooth at Disneyland! He'll remember that forever.
We've been to DisneyWorld quite a few times. Our son was afraid of being in rides, even whimpy ones, that were dark. So we bought a fiber optic flashlight and he was very content. He didn't want to pose with the characters either, but we got him a train toy and when Buzz and Woody came out, our son took his train over to them and they made a bog fuss over it. He then was happy to pose with characters in order to show them his toy. So, that's my guide to taking a small child to Disney!
XXOO, Beth

Ooops...forgot to mention...tell Mr. Caleb that Blair and I don't like the Tower of Terror either.

So glad to know you had a great time!! Oh and how exciting about the tooth!!! I believe Blair lost her first tooth on a Disney trip too!! From what I remember, October is supposed to be the slowest month at Disneyworld. Not sure if it would be the same in CA. It is always nice to go on a low-crowd day!!!

I love Disneyland too. I really love California Adventures but, I won't go in that hotel...ever...We love Soaring over California. that was fun. We usually go in January too before they take down the winter decorations. You should go when it snows on Main fun!

Omigosh Jen all the pics are grand, but that last one of Caleb's silhouette against the plane window, embroidered hat and all - the BEST!!!

Whew! Sounds like all-in-all you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Great to see what a fabulous time you had! Caleb seems like a fantastic kid! I am anxious for the girls to be old enough to go on fun family trips! Once Caleb is able to stand the flight, China would be a great trip. Not too expensive, TONS to see, Rusty thinks the food is amazing, I think the people are, and the Great Wall is worth it all. (Great jewelry to be had too!) Glad you are back-got the fabrics-thanks again!

Oh!!! How I love Disneyland...and Disneyworld!!! It best to go in the off season (when school is in), and during the week, not on a weekend. I love to go in the first or second week of December when it is decoratedalready, but the CHristmas vacationers aren't there yet......At Disney World, all the parks are decorated.....Epcot has each country decorated with their traditional decor, and with their tradition Santa, St.Nicholas etc. Park hours are shorter, during the week, but you may only have to wait 25 minutes for the BIG rides!!! I am a travel agent, and my coworkers call me Ms. Disney! Oh, and and the Disney cruise is just the very best!!!! If you have any travel questions, I can help!!! Natalie

my suggestion---either take someone in a wheelchair---you get up to the front every time or opt for a time when all the kids go back to school--september.

I think the best time we have ever had in Disneyland was our trip in January. The weather was very pleasant, even into the evening, although you do need to play your get-wet rides for early in the day. The park is relatively empty and the longest wait was at Indiana Jones, but it was maybe 45 minutes. The rest we just breezed thru on. We've only ever gone there in November before, on the Thursday and Friday of Veterns weekend, and it was pretty slow then. We did that almost every year when Frankie was little. She liked it a lot. This year we made that quick trip impromtu in January and it was great. The previous time we went in December to see the Decorations, and it was a little more crowded.

Anyway, still fun.. glad you had a great time!

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