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June 05, 2007


I Love this quilt!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

wow...that tea cup with the pink inside is cute! ...and I love your new banner.

Loooooove your new banner!

I love, love your blog banner! It's gorgeous! I also love the brooches too! I have been able to get some great deals on ebay when people have taken bad photos, you have to love that!
~Cerri xoxo

Oh I love everything in every photo - including your cutie-pie cat lounging in the background of the rocking horse shot.

LOL, a sphincter says what?? You are too funny :)

oh....and I love the banner!

Hi Jen! I got my wallpaper pack the other day and it was better than I even imagined! AND I am actually using!

The little tea cup with the scallop design inside it GORGEOUS!!! Great find!

I found you through the Misadventures of Momma and Jack. I love your new banner. I have some rhinestone dodads myself. I should dig them up. Great thrift finds too. I read further down and saw that great swap you are doing. Sadly, I don't have the fabric stash you must have. But its a great concept. I would certainly join in if it didn't take up my entire inventory!

Love the new look and the pretty new banner. Oh MY on those GOR-GE-OUS vintage pins. Can't wait to see how you are gonna use them!!! Too funny on the Wayne's World reference!!! Cracked me up!!!

Your cracking me up with the Wayne's World reference! good finds at the thrift stores. And, such a fabulous project on your sewing table!

Oh my gosh--and I love the Wayne's World reference!!! Diddle liddle la... I thought I might be the only one who quotes them on occasion! xo-Mel

Oh, soooo much thrifting goodness! Good for you!!! Love your new blog banner!! So very much! And what is that fabulous item on your sewing table?? I adore the colors and the patterns on your fabrics!!! xo-Mel

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