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June 07, 2007


You are Amazing Jen! Thanks for Your gift and I feel so blessed to have been partnered with you :) Thank you So Much for a great first swap experience!

I love that jar! It's adorable <3 and I should find me a magazine swap too! That's a great idea!

Take care!

Oh Mel's jar is gorgeous!

I'm so glad you liked the magazines Jen!
I'll happily do another swap with you soon! I thinik that I really need that Victoria magazine everyone it talking about, when it comes out! ;-)

Oh, Jen--love seeing all of your swap goodies!!! Fab magazines!!! I'm so glad you like your little jar because I sure love mine!! Thank you so much!! Soooo much fun being your partner! xo-Mel

What wonderful goodies you have been blessed with!!!! i can't get enough of the flocked wallpaper.
and guess what! this morning i was looking through a book --transparent art--my friend loaned to me. i was flipping through looking for the pages i had marked to read again before i returned it...and i discovered that it was your article and art i was ohhing and ahhing over! i truly enjoyed the way you added color to the transparencies and i am absolutely inspired. thank you!

Oh Boy, I sure enjoyed all the wonderful swaps you received!!! I have been catching up on movies myself lately. Just finished watching The Last King of Scotland on Tuesday evening, and Notes on a Scandal last night. Both were good, but LKoS was pretty horrible in parts, really made me cringe and at one point I was peekin thru my fingers. Notes on a Scandal was such a wonderful character study and most interesting. Both pretty dark in subject, but glad to finally see them. I also rented Vera Drake, which I hope to watch in the next few days.

what a loot!!!

I'm just too darn intimidated by these fabulous artists to even think of joining but I do love gawking at the results!

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