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June 15, 2007


Ok, I'm totally with all of those that didn't stack them so neatly!! It didn't even occur to me to do that. Well, your stacks looks beautiful and I can't wait to get all the other stacks back! Even though it was a lot of cutting, I know it will be worth it!

That is too funny at least you all made it through the cutting!

Hey Jen! I was the tickled pink recipient of your vintage papery goodness in Marilyn's swap...woohoo!!! Thanks so much...xoxo

JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those look so perfects! OMG! I was proud of myself for what I did... but I look like a kindergartner compared to you guys! LOL! But I tried! I cute my squares from fat quarters, so I got 12 sqaures from each one, so I have 2 extra charm packs I'm givin away on my blog! :)

Ahh, we are a sad lot, aren't we? I can already tell by yours and Doe's cute presentations that I will have the lamest fabric presentation. Oh well. I hope you all like everything, though. I had a bunch of vintage fabric that might not be everyone's taste, but hey, if you don't like it, it is only a 5 in square as opposed to like 1/2 yard, right?

Ok Jen, to add to the sagas, as I was out the door last night at 5:00 to go to the Post Office, my husband called out local clinic to see if we could get our daughter in for a possible ear infection...well, 1 hour and 22 minutes later I was late for the Post Office. I will be the first at the door this morning. Hopefully by Tuesday you will have my fabrics.

Dana is crackin me up big time because I thought of the same thing. Good thing I asked you to clear the fog for me! LOL! It was really fun picking the fabrics but the cutting was killing me! Thanks Jen! The package is on its way. Hopefully, you'll receive it by Tuesday at the latest.

You are going to KILL me . . . and now that you have my street address you will actually be able to hunt me down and KILL me!! I was so pleased with myself for getting all 500 squares cut and shipped out. Just sitting here, la-ti-da, minding my own business. Then, I read this post and see the photograph of YOUR 500 squares. Wait for it . . . I did NOT sort mine into 10 stacks of 50 different fabrics. :( Nope. Didn't even cross my mind. I merely cut the 10 squares (and sometimes extra) for all 50 different fabrics and and stacked all like squares together. Hmmmmmm. LEAVE IT TO ME to not read and/or understand the directions clearly. Ugh!!! I'm soooooooo sorry!

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