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June 02, 2007


the next fabric swap that comes along, please let me know. I think it would a be a great swap to be in.
I don't make quilts but I make cloth dolls and I think I would have a great time useing the fabric for my dolls.

If there is room...I am in!!!!

If there is space, I would love to do this, too!

I'd love to join too if you still have room! I came here from Sarah too :)

Hi Jennifer-

If space is still available, I would love to join!

- Jen

I'm in. Thanks to Sarah (the comment above) pointing the way. :)

I'm in!

Hey Jen!
If there's room, I'd like to join! LMK! Thanks a million!

Sign me up, sistah! This is going to be my first swap ever. I'm sooo excited!

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