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May 19, 2007


AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Are you kidding? Ultimate indeed!! Geez Louise!!

Well..If I get some casharooni this weekend...I soooo want one of these fabbbbb packs!! Too lovely!!

xoxo me!!

Oh to go and check it out!!!

Love all the stuff on your website -- very cute and creative. Also, I can relate (to your post a couple of posts ago re: having to reinvent the wheel every time you make something )-- I do the same thing and drive myself nuts !!! and end up taking more time to finish something that started out as a "quick " project -- slower than molasses in January! Maybe we're just too creative for our own good?!? Nah....

Hi Jen!
Someone steered me to your blog...LOVE your banner!
Such a cool blog too!

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