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May 11, 2007


First of all --- you're being WAY TOO hard on yourself ! Second of all, I bet if you smiled in that picture you'd feel differently about it! Third of all -- I'm right behind ya -- I'm 48 and a half -- and I'm trying REAL hard to put the brakes on racing to 50 (picture Fred Flintstone using his feet for brakes in that prehistoric car!) -- AND , I posted my picture on my blog wearing my high school "Miss Guy's Flowers" sash and crown -- long story -- so pop over there to see my scraggly hair, and crows feet --- and I guess, my "SO WHAT" attitude!

Just smile and you look great! :)

OMG... I can sooooooooo relate. I swear, before I take a picture these days I pose myself into some "neck up, chin down, hips swiveled, stomach in, arms not against body" position that would make a yoga master look like a slacker. One camera pose for me is a pilates class for most... Hang in there!

yep, i'm hanging on to an extra 40+ pounds. i'm gonna have to turn off the tv.

you look very pretty in the pic you took. judging yourself in workout clothes is like me judging myself in scrubs. it just ain't flattering no matter what ya do.

i think you are being a bit tough on yourself!

Hi Jen, I'm a first time visitor, but I had to let you know that I SO understand what you mean! Most photos I see of myself anymore are just shocking to me! What happened to me?! I think you look great. Here is a shot of me: And I actually think I look halfway decent in this one! Aging sucks.

You look great however I was having the same type of moment this a.m myself. Go look at my post if you want to see "40 lbs" appearing in pictures. coughcough aagggghhhh. Ditto and preachin to the choir. Scroll down on this post. if you want to feel better. (it could always be worse you could be me)=D

LOL Jen, I can so identify with this feeling! We took photos at a family gathering yesterday and I ended up obsessively flicking through them, muttering to myself - I am NOT that fat/old/tired/grey/pale/puffy - you name it. So, let's agree the camera DOES lie, because I know for a fact you're gorgeous and have a fab smile to boot :) See you next month!

OK Jen...Listen to the girls above that known what they are talkin about!!! You look incredible and don't let anyone tell you differently (including yourself)!! Hugs and a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Oh good lord mom, I see where I get the part of being way too hard on myself. Ok, first of all, if you are gonna pose in the bathroom and take a pic of yourself, you absolutely must smile! You look pissed at the world! You and I both know the camera does add weight, plus it's some local commercial...come on! And, it was at a gym for crying out loud! You are killin' me. Through all this I am going to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women that I know; I overheard Brian tell someone the other day that you are so hot you look like Michelle Pfeiffer! So do you believe me? I hope so because you really are beautiful and nobody ever thinks you are the age that you are...and a grandma...and that you have a daughter almost 31! Please take the credit where the credit is due! Ok, I am done going on so please believe the truth!

What are you talking about hot mama?! You look GREAT! And for crying out loud put a smile on that pretty face!Is that a pout? You're just going to ruin a perfectly attractive face if you keep doing that. And I mean that in a non-lesbian way.

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