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May 09, 2007


I struggle with those too. I always refer to it as "failing the test." But, I tried taking it off my own blog for awhile, and it was such a pain deleting the SPAM that I gave in and put it back. Le Sigh.

No it's not just you Jen it happens to me as well and it really annoys me sometimes! Btw I've blogged about your collage pack and other yummy mail today, come on over to have a look! xox

I'm so there with you.
Sometimes I have to type them 3 times before the comment finally shows up. No ay i could do it without glasses, so you are not alone.

Uh, totally not just you. I'm having to wear my glasses at the computer now. Gross.

Me too! I am often having to re-enter the code because I mess it up the first time! V. annoying!

Nope, it's not just you--and I just had Lasik done about 2 months ago! LOL I actually find that Typepad's word verification thingies are the very worst, because they are small letters and have that grey scratchy background. Blogger's letters are larger and in color, so I don't find them to be as difficult to read.

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