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May 24, 2007



Just catching up and so delighted to meet your little Caleb! Oh, he's soooooo cute!! And I could spot his star potential from here--the lady in pink has no idea what she missed!! xo-Mel

What do I gotta do to get one of those school pics, how long have you had it? My Tia status is not enough, huh? :) Well please send me one as soon as you can! I have discovered that my house has no photos and needs some!

You are so funny! Aaaawwwww! He is soooo adorable! His facial expressions are so cute.

Those pictures are priceless.

omgosh! caleb is so adorable!!! the captions under each photo were funny too!

Oh and I can't believe it's still cold out there! It's been in the 80s and 90s here for the past week and a half! :X

Hope you have fun at Disneyland!

Jennnnnnnnnn!!! Hey there!! Ohh you sooo had me laughing with this post!! Too funny!!

And ohhh man...Caleb is too much!! He sooo seems wiser than his years!! 5???? Noooway!!

Wow what a SUPER time you two are going to have!! Amazing!!

I too have been having blogland withdrawal! Aaron and I are putting the finishing touches on our Silver Bella classes...hope to have sneak peek pics to Teresa tonight! Tooo funnn!!!

Anyhoo..Hope you all are having a super fun weekend!!

Talk soon!!
xoxo Jenny

i bet that disney trip will be the highlight of your entire life. absolutely priceless.

he looks like such a little man. love the school pic.

AWWWWE...You photos are PRICELESS!!! I love his determination and that adorable smile. It would just melt my heart!!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Disney!!!

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